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Monday, Dec 11, 2023



PFL Weekly: Middlebury sports podcast debuts this semester

Attention all Panther sports fans! A new podcast is coming to The Campus: PFL Weekly. Hosted by Blaise Siefer ’23.5, Marco Fengler ’23, Captain Rudolph ’23.5 and Eli DiBari ’24, Panthers for Life (PFL) Weekly tells the biggest sports stories each week. New episodes are released on Tuesdays.


Seven Questions with Santi Canella ’25, men’s track and field

Santi Canella ’25 from New York City is jumping in his first season on the men’s track and field team and has jumped straight into the school record books in the triple jump. In this installment of “Seven Questions,” Canella discusses his introduction to track and field, the successes and challenges ...

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Exploring the lives of Middlebury’s walk-on varsity athletes

What do J.J. Watt, Jordy Nelson and Scottie Pippen all have in common, besides being all-time greats in their respective sports? They all walked on to their collegiate teams.  While not often addressed, the walk-on process can often be a crucial part to a college team’s success, and it provides ...

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Despite slow start, men's squash optimistic about winter season

Middlebury men’s squash has a history of success. Ever since the team earned varsity status in 2008, it has consistently ranked among the top 25 schools in the nation. Most recently, the team won the Summers Cup — the national championship for the teams ranked No. 17 to No. 24 in the nation — ...

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Fall sports update: Panthers in the NCAA Tournament

This past weekend, six fall varsity teams competed in NCAA Tournament competition. Most squads traveled out of Vermont for their matches, although field hockey, thanks to their record, hosted other schools. From cross country to volleyball, here is how each team fared.