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Friday, Dec 1, 2023

Seven Questions with Audrey Tir ’25, women’s golf

Audrey Tir ’25 has made an instant impact for women’s golf in her rookie season. (Courtesy of Middlebury Athletic Communications)
Audrey Tir ’25 has made an instant impact for women’s golf in her rookie season. (Courtesy of Middlebury Athletic Communications)

Audrey Tir ’25, from Wilmette, Ill., is a first-year on women’s golf. In the NESCAC Qualifier last October, Tir recorded an 18-hole score of -1, 70 — becoming the first golfer in program history to complete an under-par round. In this installment of “Seven Questions,” Tir discusses her earliest memories with golf, why she chose Middlebury and the best hole on the Ralph Myhre course.

Blaise Siefer: What are your earliest memories of playing golf?

Audrey Tir: I started playing golf at nine years old. My older sister had experienced three concussions playing sports, so my mom didn’t let any of us play contact sports after that. I remember my first time on the golf course, my dad left me alone in the golf cart. I thought it was a good idea to drive the cart to him after he hit his shot. As a nine-year-old, I couldn’t reach the pedals so I bent over to push them with my hands, which didn’t allow me to steer or see over the wheel. I almost drove into one of the ponds on the golf course. My parents laugh about it now, but boy were they angry in the moment.

BS: Why did you decide to attend Middlebury?

AT: Middlebury’s location and teaching style just seemed like a good fit. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do in terms of academics, so a liberal arts college was the direction I went when looking at colleges my junior year of high school. I liked the fact that the campus was a little smaller and felt more personal than the other bigger schools that I looked at. The campus is absolutely gorgeous as well.

BS: What are you studying here and why does it interest you?

AT: I am currently thinking of majoring in economics and with a minor in political science. I’m thinking of attending law school but not sure just yet, so those fields seem very applicable to both the modern world if I decide to immediately join the workforce after undergrad or if I want to apply for graduate school.

BS: What’s your favorite memory on the golf team at Middlebury?

AT: My favorite memory is definitely during the NESCAC Qualifier in the fall season. I just love the competitive atmosphere and also getting to travel with my teammates. Other than the tournaments, I would say getting to play on the Ralph [Myhre course] with my teammates is always something I look forward to. With my short time on the team, I don’t have as many memories as the upperclassmen do. I’m very excited for next season to continue making great memories!

BS: Do you have a favorite club?

AT: My favorite club is definitely my six iron. It’s reliable and makes the most satisfying sound when I make contact with the ball. My irons have always been my favorite set of clubs in my golf bag.

BS: What is one golf-related goal you have for your time at Middlebury?

AT: One goal in terms of golf is to, by the end of my stay at Middlebury, feel like I have contributed to the best of my ability towards the team. I want to be able to leave feeling proud of myself for what I have worked hard for, personally and as a member on the team. More broadly,  I also want to continue making valuable friendships inside and outside the team through golf.

BS: What is the best hole on Ralph Myhre and why?

AT: My favorite hole on the course has to be the 11th hole. It’s a tricky hole if your tee shot goes awry — there's water running through the fairway and trees left and right you don’t want to hit into. The green is elevated and guarded by bunkers as well. This hole can either be really tough because of the obstacles or a birdie hole since it’s a par-5. Honestly, a par on this hole feels like a birdie.

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Blaise Siefer

Blaise Siefer ‘23.5 is a sports staff writer.

Siefer is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Spanish.

For three semesters in 2021 and 2022, Siefer served as Senior Sports Editor. He also co-founded a Middlebury sports recap podcast, PFL Weekly, which is released on all major streaming platforms every Tuesday. 

Siefer is also the Co-Founder and Co-President of Middlebury Club Soccer.