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Monday, May 29, 2023

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Reel Critic: The Graduate

“The Graduate” is my favorite movie. I begin with this disclaimer because though it is understandably controversial in and out of the world of film majors, I am incredibly biased in my commitment to loving it. I must also emphasize that I am not a film major. And despite my being raised in a household ...

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Crossword 5/4

Here is this week's crossword! Solutions will be posted on Friday, May 5th at noon. And, for the first time ever, we have a link to complete the crossword online! Enjoy and good luck! 

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A Bright and Fiery Half-Life

In “Bright Half-Life,” four decades flash back and forth, sometimes within seconds. Swinging between the life stages leading up to marriage and those that come with having kids, the story is a blur. For the weekend of April 27–29 in the Hepburn Zoo, four groups of audiences were taken into the ...

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Reel critic: A review of “Clock”

As a diehard “Glee” fan who dreams of living in a world where Lea Michele isn’t the only original Glee Club member who still finds consistent work, I was elated to find out the one and only Dianna Agron would be starring in the brand-new horror movie “Clock.” 

The Setonian

A semester without Moth-Up

According to Moth-Up producer Rach Peck ’25, the show's sudden stop can be attributed to a perfect storm of producers going abroad, graduating — the organization’s longtime president, Elissa Asch ’22.5, graduated this past February — and remaining producers’ inability to take on a more significant ...


The Middlebury music explosion

Middlebury is home to a variety of distinct bands and solo artists. While bands may form on their own, many jump at new opportunities to make music with people they meet through the college’s ensembles, such as the Afropop Band, Jazz Workshop, the college choir and the college orchestra. For those ...


Buckle up for “Destroying Angels”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Cole Merrell ’21 wrote a play about three siblings navigating vastly different life circumstances who are brought together by a death in the family and — if that wasn’t enough — a long drive trying to escape a serial killer. Merrell was raised in the Church of Jesus ...