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Friday, Jan 21, 2022

Arts & Culture

Spider-Man — Courtesy Photo.webp

“Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the final chapter in director Jon Watts’ Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) trilogy starring Tom Holland as the Marvel web slinger, represents the best and worst of the modern-day blockbuster.

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Spin Doctor: “Retribution”

The songs on “Retribution” flow seamlessly into one another, combining this ancient art form with avant-garde sonic experimentation. The album’s sound is also deeply rooted in collaboration, featuring contributions from many other Canadian and Indigenous performers. At its core is a call for awareness ...

Theatre Think Tank — Courtesy Bella Costanion-Carrigan.HEIC

The Curtain Rises on Theatre Think Tank

On Friday, Nov. 5, Middlebury College’s Theatre Think Tank (TTT) hosted its inaugural meeting. The new group focuses on providing students with a low-stakes environment to share their performing arts talent, including acting, screenplays, improv, stand-up, poetry, drag and everything in between. Students ...

WRMC Radio Roundup by Pia Contreras (3).jpg

Radio Roundup: Tunes to get you through the home stretch

Following a two-year hiatus following the release of their last album, L'éclair has been putting in the work. On Nov. 12, they released the beauty that is “Confusions.” This album has everything I love about this band: immaculate synth, undeniable jam and an eclectic assortment of funk and groove. ...


Happy 200th, Dostoyevsky!

This Veterans’ Day, Nov. 11, was Dostoyevsky’s 200th birthday. Although my favorite Russian author is Leo Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky is definitely the Russian whose fiendishly entertaining works are most relevant to our tumultuous times.


Reel Critic: “Passing”

Is race just something we are all performing? This question is explored, though not exactly answered, in the most recent film in the Hirschfield International Film Series, “Passing.” The film ruminates on colorism and identity politics through the story of Irene Redfield (Tessa Thompson) and Clare ...

No one is forgotten — Courtesy Kayla Schwartz.jpg

“No One Is Forgotten” revels in fragmented information

Leave the elaborate set and extensive casts to faculty shows. Theses, in contrast, are the simpler, single-celled protozoa at the root of the theatrical tree of life. “No One is Forgotten,” Gabi Martin's ’21.5 acting thesis and Madison Middleton’s ’22.5 500-level work in directing, revels ...

YouPower — Courtesy Sam Segal.jpeg

YouPower faces Vermont winter without prospect of indoor relocation

If you ever pass by the loading dock of the Freeman International Center (FIC) to catch an 8 a.m. morning class, you might notice a group of students riding stationary bikes. This group is YouPower, Middlebury’s free spin club. As the Vermont winter quickly approaches, the group is desperately looking ...


Matthew Whitaker illuminates Robinson Hall

From its roots in down-home New Orleans bands, Harlem swing and bebop, jazz is constantly evolving. It pays homage to its early icons and bases its musical substance on their characteristics, and yet it takes on new forms that react to the world beyond the practice room. The Middlebury College community ...