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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Photo Essays

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Through our lens: foliage, fall, and the unexplored

Middlebury is a school that is largely defined by its outdoor access and culture. Yet, after four years of photographing Middlebury, as seniors we feel like the beautiful landscape surrounding the college is still underappreciated. If not underappreciated, then it is certainly underutilized.

04222023 Carolina Springbeauties.jpg

Staying rooted: a guide to Middlebury wildflower identification

These past few weeks have been especially stressful at Middlebury, from false alarms and reduced dining options to upcoming final exams. One of the many outlets that has helped me maintain peace during these times has been grounding myself in the natural world, looking above these difficulties and down ...


Stone Leaf Teahouse: a bridge between two worlds

I’m a very big fan of tea, and the Stone Leaf Teahouse is one of my favorite places in Middlebury. I visit the store regularly, as I find it to be the best place to spend some good, quality time with my school work or friends (or both). With this in mind, I can’t quite tell if my motivations behind ...


Conversations with custodians

Since the pandemic, custodians have been faced with new challenges, from shifting hours, shifting staff, and decreased connection with students. Members of the custodial staff share their experiences.


The three days that took a hundred years

Last weekend marked the 100th anniversary of the celebrated Middlebury Winter Carnival, one of the college’s most beloved traditions. The Carnival came and went in true Middlebury fashion, including most of its quintessential events. But not every winter carnival tradition could be reanimated.  ...


Photographer Spotlight: Dylan Schmeling

Dylan Schmeling ’24.5, a Biology and Physics double major and an international student, finds inspiration in his home country of Tanzania. His photography shows the Tanzanian countryside, and thus documents the people, animals and landscape he grew up around.


Insights from Students with Disabilities at Midd

As a photojournalist, I acknowledge the historical role the media has played in perpetuating ableism through representations of disability. I would like to emphasize the various ways students with disabilities exist on this campus, and the extent that Middlebury as an institution comes to support us ...


The Unsung Heroes of the Snow Bowl

As the parking lot starts to clear out and the lift chairs hang suspended in the air, Snow Bowl staff are able to call it a day, enthusiastic for the weekend splitboard festival ahead. For some staff, though, their day on the mountain is just getting started.


The Yellow Deli: Rutland's connection to a global religious community

Catchy yellow paint announces a “Market and Lounge” past a corridor. Walking through leads to a shop selling yerba maté, handmade soap and body care products. While it may seem like a typical, if off-beat, restaurant, the Yellow Deli is actually part of an alternative religious community that spans ...