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Monday, Jun 24, 2024

Kana DeCoste


Outraged at Middlebury’s complicity in genocide: Community, movement, education at the Gaza Solidarity Encampment

A bubble of frustration and grief among the student body burst when the Middlebury Gaza Solidarity Encampment began on Sunday, April 28. The momentum grew as many students felt that the ongoing genocide in Gaza — with 35,000 dead, 8,000 missing, and 7,000 injured has been swept under the rug on the ...


All walks of life, All for ceasefire

They had most likely seen our own keffiyehs as they passed by. Instantly, a connection was made between strangers all intending to confront our nation’s leaders over continuing to fund Israel’s genocide with our tax dollars. It was January 13th and the weekend of 100 days of war in Gaza, an anniversary ...

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