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Friday, Jun 21, 2024

Energy2028, explained: A four-part series

Energy2028, explained

On Jan. 29, 2019, Middlebury College announced an ambitious plan  to combat the threat of climate change. The plan includes four major  commitments: transition the College to 100% renewable energy sources,  significantly reduce energy consumption, divest the College's $1.2  billion endowment from fossil fuel investments and support new  educational initiatives focused on climate change.

However, questions remain about how the college will achieve  these goals, and what it will mean for its students, staff and faculty.  Through this project, The Campus is committed to critically reporting on  the progress of the college in meeting these goals. We hope to provide  the Middlebury community context, background and a deeper understanding  of how this process will work through narratives and media. 

We hope that you follow along with this series beginning on Oct. 30.