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Monday, Jun 24, 2024



The Middlebury Campus is the student-run weekly newspaper of Middlebury College. Founded in 1905, our staff has published thousands of stories pertaining to the campus and surrounding community. The Campus‘ print edition is
released every Thursday. Our online presence is used for in-depth articles, timely posts, interactive multimedia and reader interaction through comments. To subscribe to The Campus print edition and receive home delivery, please order at the Box Office. To advertise in print or on our website, please email us.

The Editorial Board

Click here to see the full editorial board for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Comment Policy

We encourage community engagement and discourse on comment threads. However, we have a few guidelines that readers must follow if they’d like their comments published on our website. All comments must include the full name of the submitter (i.e. you may not use a pseudonym like “Grateful Alumnus” or your only first name). This policy is in place to encourage verifiable discourse between individuals who are willing to reveal their identity. We hope this incites more constructive debate and commentary, and less “trolling.” Additionally, profanity and disinformation are not permitted and will result in such comments not being published. All comments are reviewed prior to publication.