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Sunday, Mar 26, 2023

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Why a lower-level fitness center door is now an emergency exit

Early this semester, an emergency exit alarm was armed on the downstairs door of the fitness center in the Peterson Athletics Complex. Some gym-goers, accustomed to using the door to exit the fitness center, inadvertently set off the alarm by pushing the door. The door is locked from the outside and ...

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Arts & Culture

Embracing the awkward with Ishmael Houston-Jones

Dozens of students, staff, faculty and community members gathered in a circle in the Dance Theatre of the Mahaney Arts Center on Wednesday, March 9, stretching and waiting as light, upbeat music filled the room. Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Lida Winfield entered and introduced the event, the ...


A student-run restaurant brings tacos to campus

The mural-covered walls of the Gamut Room have been the setting for many a musical performance, student-band concert or Wednesday Open Mic Party (WOMP) set. But now, the space is home to a new venture: a late-night taco business.

The Setonian

Vermont Town Meeting Day resumes pre-pandemic operations

Last week, Vermonters gathered in municipalities across the state for Town Meeting Day. The annual event had the highest turnout of in-person town meetings this year since 2019. Meeting days primarily took place in a mailable ballot format the past two years due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

Arts & Culture

Slipin Sips: Wine? In Vermont? Who would’ve thought!

“Slipin Sips” is a bi-weekly wine column written by Local Editor Sam Lipin (hence the title, “Slipin”). As an amateur sommelier, Sam exists deep in the world of wine, particularly natural wine, and this column seeks to share the joy he finds in fermented grapes with the rest of the world.   ...

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Arts & Culture

Songs and Arias: Showcasing vocal talent at the college

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I drag myself out of bed at 8 a.m. My eyes do not gracefully flutter open. Instead, I force them to lift what seems like pounds, until the pink decor that adorns my walls turns from sporadic blurs of color into the shapes of a carefully curated collection of photos, art and ...


SGA announces Sophomore Senator and Feb Senators

More than 250 sophomores voted for a Student Government Association (SGA) Sophomore Senator in a special election held on March 6, with B Striker ’25 winning the spot. SGA also announced the new Feb Senators Shane Silverman ’24.5 and Anthony Makhovik ’26.5, who ran in an uncontested race.  ...

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Middlebury students reflect on new Amtrak stop in town

Eight months ago, Middlebury became a stop on Amtrak’s Ethan Allen Express, which runs from New York Penn Station to Burlington, Vt. As Middlebury’s first passenger train stop in nearly 70 years, the new station marks a major improvement in traveling convenience for both college students and town ...

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Spotlight on the Humanities at Middlebury

The Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences are the core pillars of a liberal arts education. And yet a well-documented crisis in the humanities, evident in declining majors and enrollments, has swept the country and indeed the globe since at least the financial crisis of 2008. 


“Make your own future”: Trusting students to lead

Middlebury students are often taught that the skills a Middlebury education fosters are ones that will prepare us to be leaders, to make our own informed decisions or to strike out on our own paths. The “Our Students” tab of the college’s website even touts that Middlebury is home to students ...

Arts & Culture

Oscars fashion 2023: Highlights of the not-so-red carpet

This Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented its 95th Academy Awards. At first glance, the Oscars are a platform to award the bests of the film industry. But the Oscars’ guise is weak. Despite many changes made by The Academy this year, including the addition of a “crisis ...


Conversations with custodians

Since the pandemic, custodians have been faced with new challenges, from shifting hours, shifting staff, and decreased connection with students. Members of the custodial staff share their experiences.