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Friday, Jan 21, 2022

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The Setonian

Endemic Diseases Don’t Justify Restrictions

"As we absorb the inevitability of living with the virus, we must also strip away the fear that has accompanied positive tests, the judgment that has infiltrated every social interaction, and the restrictions that are past the point of doing more harm than good," writes Griffin Shapiro '22.

The Setonian

What does it mean to live with Covid-19?

As we start to enter our third year of the pandemic, we’ve all encountered a new level of burnout. Though it perhaps once seemed like grab-and-go dining and class Zoom links would become a thing of the past after the vaccine rollout — here we are. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Covid-19 ...

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Arts & Culture

Spin Doctor: Dope Game Stupid

Like a video game, the narrative of “Dope Game Stupid” is fast-paced and hyperreal, with Wolf at the center of its hero’s journey as he describes the moral dilemma of finding himself reliant on drug-dealing to support his family.

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Exploring the lives of Middlebury’s walk-on varsity athletes

What do J.J. Watt, Jordy Nelson and Scottie Pippen all have in common, besides being all-time greats in their respective sports? They all walked on to their collegiate teams.  While not often addressed, the walk-on process can often be a crucial part to a college team’s success, and it provides ...

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Despite slow start, men's squash optimistic about winter season

Middlebury men’s squash has a history of success. Ever since the team earned varsity status in 2008, it has consistently ranked among the top 25 schools in the nation. Most recently, the team won the Summers Cup — the national championship for the teams ranked No. 17 to No. 24 in the nation — ...

The Setonian

Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray announces bid for Congress

Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray, who assumed office in January, announced a run for Congress to succeed Peter Welch (D-Vt) last week. Welch, currently Vermont’s sole member in the House of Representatives, is running for the Senate in the 2022 elections, aiming to replace retiring incumbent ...