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Monday, Dec 5, 2022

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Addison County Votes Against School District Merger

As millions of Americans cast their midterm ballots across the country on Tuesday, Nov. 8, residents of the nine Vermont towns that compose the Mount Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) and the Addison Northwest School District (ANWSD) decisively rejected a proposal to merge districts in a 4,282 ...


In memory of Raquel Albarrán, a loving friend, leader and scholar

Assistant Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies Raquel Albarrán is remembered as a loving friend, passionate community leader and a revolutionary scholar. Raquel passed away on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022, due to natural causes. At the time of her death, she was on a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship ...

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Arts & Culture

Conversations with athletes in the arts

At a small liberal arts college like Middlebury, one would think that a strong overlap between the arts and athletics would be both inherent and central to the campus community. However, whether it be based on the fact that students only have so much time or whether there is a cultural divide between ...


Middlebury Football finishes strong season

The Middlebury football team finished the year 7–2 as the NESCAC runner-up behind Trinity College (9–0). This year showed a significant improvement from the Panthers’ 3–6 season last year, marking a solid final stretch for Bob Ritter, who completed his final year as head coach.

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How student organizations get their funding

As student organizations submit budgets to be approved for the following year each spring, some fall short of receiving the full funding they request. Funding for clubs comes from the student activity fee that each student pays with their tuition. The Student Government Association Finance Committee ...


Abbey Gate

August 17, 2021. A hot day, after a long night of sleeplessness. I’m in a crowd of hundreds of people. My father leaves my sisters and me at the first checkpoint: Abbey Gate in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

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Arts & Culture

The Castalian Quartet returns to perform at Middlebury

Many eager admirers of classical music braved the inclement weather and made the journey to Robison Hall on Friday, Nov. 11, when the Castalian Quartet returned to Middlebury for the first time since 2019. Named for the Ancient Greek spring that bestowed poetic inspiration upon those who drank its waters, ...

The Setonian

Reflections on the Midterm Election in Vermont

Even in places like Orange County and Middlebury that appear to be oases of calm and stability, the hate and vitriol on which Klar founded his campaign are still prevalent. Although I wish this wasn’t a lesson I needed to learn, the election reminded me that the civility and level-headed government ...