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Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024

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On the politicization of administrative emails

Following a fall semester spent beset by email after email from the college administration recognizing personal and international tragedies, we have begun to reevaluate the importance of Middlebury’s administrative statements to the goals of the college as an academic institution. As we’ve watched ...

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New Prism Center for Queer and Trans Life set to open this spring

The Prism Center for Queer and Trans Life at Middlebury is set to open this spring at the Farrell House, providing the first-ever resource center on campus specifically for LGBTQIA+ students. President Laurie Patton and Chief Diversity Officer Miguel Fernández announced the opening of the center in ...


Sarah Says: The problem with tossing out the literary canon

In March of my senior year of high school, I told my best friend that I couldn’t wait to be at an institution where more people had read Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina,” a text that at the time struck me as the apex of literary pretension. Thankfully she laughed in my face. Yet I remained committed ...

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Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association seeks state funding

The Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association appeared before the Vermont State Legislature requesting direct funding and support on Friday, Jan. 12. The nonprofit organization aims to promote and protect Vermont’s maple sugaring industry, the largest maple industry in the country by a factor of more ...

The Setonian

Reflections from The Desk

I am writing this Notes from The Desk during my last week as the Senior Opinions Editor at The Campus. I write this to be published one week and two days before I move off of this campus and ski down with the class of 2023.5. I write this to say how incredibly grateful I am to have had this position, ...

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All walks of life, All for ceasefire

They had most likely seen our own keffiyehs as they passed by. Instantly, a connection was made between strangers all intending to confront our nation’s leaders over continuing to fund Israel’s genocide with our tax dollars. It was January 13th and the weekend of 100 days of war in Gaza, an anniversary ...

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Love for the Middlebury Snow Bowl and Feb traditions

When I first saw the Snow Bowl, I knew I wanted to apply to Middlebury. I fell in love with the Middlebury Snow Bowl and the adventures to be had before I had even stepped foot on campus. Five years ago, when I eagerly clicked on my acceptance letter, the snowflakes dancing on my computer screen foretold ...