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Friday, Dec 8, 2023

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The Setonian

I love my beautiful NARP life

When people ask, “What do you do on campus?” it is most often asked with good intentions. I absolutely hate this question.  Over my time at Middlebury, I have crafted a decent elevator pitch for when I come across this awkward moment in conversation. I say something to the tune of “Oh, I ...

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Liv, Love, Local: Werner Tree Farm

Werner Tree Farm, a family-operated Christmas tree farm in Middlebury, has been selling cut-your-own trees and spreading holiday cheer since 1986. Over the past few years, the Werner family has worked to improve their sustainability practices and diversify the farm’s offerings.

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Arts & Culture

Polaroid Stories: A lens into the fringes of society

“Polaroid Stories,” a play by Naomi Iizuka and directed by Professor of Theatre Alex Draper was performed Nov. 30 through Dec. 2 in the Seeler Studio Theatre in Mahaney Arts Center. The play focuses on at-risk youth coming of age in New York City, filtered through the lens of Greek mythology and ...

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Broken culture: Reopening the Murray incident

In the spring of 2017, Charles Murray, a political scientist known for his controversial work “The Bell Curve” was invited by the American Enterprise Institute Club to speak at Middlebury College. His presence sparked student protests that not only disrupted his speech but also escalated to violence ...

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Rookie of the Week: Fayanne Smith-Salzburg ’27

Welcome back to another edition of Rookie of the Week, where we introduce first-year athletes making a major impact in their chosen sport. This week, I sat down with Fayanne Smith-Salzburg ’27 of women’s swim and dive, who won the opening two races of her collegiate career. Hailing from Brooklyn, ...


Town hall theater prepares to begin new construction

The Town Hall Theater, a focal point for the town of Middlebury and college students alike, is expanding. But the theater is no stranger to change. Since the 1800s, it has held space for a variety of community spaces, including an opera house, town offices and a failed furniture store. In its current ...


MiddSafe: Creating a safe space over the phone

“Hello, you’ve reached the MiddSafe hotline. How can I help you today?” Power-based personal violence is not just individual occurrences, but structural, community-level problems that require collective actions to remedy. Violence continues to occur at Middlebury College and has pervasive impacts ...


Sarah Says: Everything I know about love

As I approach the end of my final fall semester at Middlebury, I have found myself grappling with the realization that, forgoing any eleventh-hour surprises, I will likely graduate without experiencing a romantic college relationship. That fact has forced me to admit that over the past couple of weeks, ...

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Midd Kid 2.0 video brings an updated view of life at Middlebury

The influence of the original “MIDD KID” video, released in 2010, cannot be understated: It garnered over 1.7 million views on YouTube and cemented many of Middlebury’s stereotypes in pop culture. Now, thirteen years later, Malick Thiam ’24 and Jordan Saint-Louis ’24 are working together to ...