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Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Jack Torpey

Arts and Culture Editor

Jack Torpey '24 (he/him) is an Arts and Culture Editor. He writes film reviews for the Reel Critic column.  

Jack is studying English with a minor in Film and Media Culture. Outside The Campus, he works as a peer writing tutor at the Writing Center and is a member of the Middlebury Consulting Group.

The Setonian
Arts & Culture

Reel Critic: “Oppenheimer”

Yes, “Oppenheimer” is that good. It is the best film of the year, the best of the decade so far and somehow one of the most impressive entries in the career of a director who has already given audiences so many modern classics. The hype around the film is real, and anyone who has not yet seen it ...

Arts & Culture

Reel Critic: “Tár”

At the 2023 New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Martin Scorsese made one of his regular pronouncements on the state of cinema when he presented writer-director Todd Field with the Circle’s Best Film award. “The clouds lifted when I experienced Todd’s film, ‘Tár,’” Scorsese said. Referencing ...

The Setonian
Arts & Culture

Reel Critic: “The Pale Blue Eye”

When “The Pale Blue Eye” was first announced in early 2021, the film’s most immediate appeal was its fusion of subject matter and setting. Cooper intended to bring Gothic atmospherics to bear on a 19th-century military school in the remote Hudson Highlands, an eerie pairing that would evoke Poe’s ...

Arts & Culture

Reel Critic: “The Fabelmans”

He made us afraid to go in the water with “Jaws.” He gave the world its most beloved whip-wielding adventure hero in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” He even resurrected the dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park.” Now, with “The Fabelmans,” Steven Spielberg has given audiences the story they didn’t ...

Arts & Culture

Reel Critic: “Breaking”

After spending the early years of his career known only for playing a severely underdeveloped  supporting character in Disney’s fleet of modern “Star Wars” films, Englishman John Boyega has finally received his proper introduction as an actor. It comes in “Breaking,” the debut feature ...

Arts & Culture

Reel Critic: “Nope”

The promotional material for Jordan Peele’s “Nope” made it clear that the director’s otherwise cryptic third feature film would be an alien invasion movie. Trailers and posters featured a UFO, farm animals being sucked into the sky, an isolated desert locale — everything but the little green ...

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