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Sunday, Dec 4, 2022


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The Setonian

How I feel @ Midd: A new mental health column

The idea that Instagram is a cultivated highlight reel is by no means revolutionary. Yet, especially at Midd, it can be hard to remember that the lives of our peers are more complicated than they appear on their social media. 

The Setonian

Re-evaluating my experience with therapy

Therapy was unknown to 16-year-old boys in traditional Caribbean houses like my own. To ask my mother, a traditional Caribbean woman, to talk to someone other than members of my immediate family about my personal issues or mental health status, was just unheard of.

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Rethinking (or realizing) YOUR way of help

The past two semesters have been nothing short of exhausting. The fear of losing everything I have ever known and loved has overtaken my mind, as I have been lucid dreaming every single day since the war. 


Taking care into our own hands

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Middlebury students were frequently granted additional flexibility and room for self-care. From the expanded Credit/No Credit grading system to more lax due dates and “freebie” late days, there was infrastructure in place to grant more space to students ...


Arousal Non-Concordance

This discrepancy between your emotional or cognitive desires and your body’s physiological response has a name: arousal non-concordance. Most people who have done any sort of exploration into their sexuality have likely come across some sort of arousal non-concordance, potentially causing them to ...