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Friday, Jun 21, 2024


The Setonian

Whether or not you support the divestment measures outlined in the Student Government Association (SGA) referendum that was sent out on Monday, we should all be concerned about the process by which the case for this referendum is being carried out. I appreciate that the SGA addressed the concern about ...

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The Setonian

A call for improvement in on-campus accessibility

I broke my foot in Davis Library at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2023. The moment I realized, I began to cry — not because of the pain, but out of frustration. I immediately knew that my life was about to get a lot more inconvenient and exhausting. 

The Setonian

From my archives: Second guessing as a second semester senior

For the past three years, I’ve been hoarding issues of The Campus in my closet. I’ve passed dozens of issues, some with faded ink, from my tiny Gifford room with a slanted ceiling to summer storage units to different corners of Forest Hall. With graduation approaching and limited space in my suitcase, ...

The Setonian

Sarah Says: Signing off

I have worked for The Middlebury Campus since the second week of my freshman year, primarily as an Opinions Editor. When I assumed the role of Editor at Large this year (a wonderfully vague title), I was granted almost total discretion over my writing. Soon into the fall semester, I decided to start ...

The Setonian

AI: Academia on death’s door

In the 1990s, chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov was defeated by IBM’s “Deep Blue” computing system. Many people thought this was impossible — an AI system could never be complex enough to emulate the creative and intuitive processes required in high-level chess. Of course, the final score was ...


Students love their clubs — the college should, too

Upon perusing the results of Zeitgeist 6.0, we noticed an interesting change from last year’s results: Middlebury students now rate student organizations as more important than outdoor recreation, with more respondents indicating a higher level of value placed on clubs than time outdoors. 

The Setonian

RAs: The last line of defense

Residential Life (ResLife) is a lifestyle more than it is a job. During my four years at Middlebury, I’ve been an Residential Assistant (RA) for three and I am the Head RA of Hepburn Hall this year. Legitimately, some of the kindest and most open-minded people I have met on campus have been those ...

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Sarah Says: That’s Why They Call Them The Blues

Every April, when the days get long again and we shed our winter coats, I remember that I am an essentially joyful person and am, perhaps more importantly, committed to cultivating joy. This is the writerly way of saying I suffer from a low-grade form of seasonal depression. Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder ...


What are Middlebury students “fluent” in, anyways?

The newly launched Middlebury website now features what the college has labeled as the “Four Fluencies”: “Solving the Climate Crisis,” “Analyzing Data,” “Transforming Conflict” and “Understanding Cultural Difference. If you are surprised to hear that these are the four pillars of a ...

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Addressing recent vandalism at the Knoll

The Knoll is a place to slow down. At Middlebury, life is constantly moving a hundred miles an hour. For many students, it is a place to breathe and step back. As Knoll interns, we have a lot of love for the space, and as such, it makes us incredibly sad to learn of the vandalism at the end of March. ...


SPECS Panther Column #5: Our Reading List

SPECS Panther is a mascot for SPECS (sex-positive education for college students) and serves the Middlebury community. As a part of Health & Wellness Education, SPECS Panther seeks to educate and spark independent dialogue, not be the end-all-be-all resource on campus. We encourage Midd kids to ...