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Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023


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Monterey moments: Reflections from my Coasts and Climate Semester

When dawn broke over the Santa Lucia Mountains, I could hear the waves breaking against the cliffs of the Big Sur coastline as the stars began to fade away. As the sun started to bring pastels to the sky, bringing out the mountains’ contours, I sat up on my sleeping pad to be confronted by the vastness ...

Super Senior Photo courtesy of Noah Osher 23.5.jpg

Super Seniors are awesome

I am finally a Super Senior Feb at Middlebury. This term once felt distant — almost surreal. It hovered on the horizon, a bit like some sort of promised land. To be honest, when I first heard the phrase as a bright-eyed Baby Feb three and a half years ago, it sounded like something straight out of ...

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Navigating Middlebury traffic amidst a very soggy summer

My small hometown in upstate New York is one with a mighty sprawl through winding avenues of pines, up and over hills and alongside mountains. Neighborhoods, grocery stores and restaurants are awkward distances from one another without sidewalks in between. Needless to say, it's less-than-walkable.


Life After Graduating

When you were in first grade, you probably went on to second grade without much thought. And from second to third and all the way through elementary, middle and high school. What’s crazy about the first roughly 18 years of your life is that you go to school… and that’s all. Maybe you’re involved ...

The Setonian

We Appreciate Your Business

I write this anonymously because I don’t want it to negatively impact my boss or their business, so please think of this as a public service announcement, rather than an accusation. There have been recent changes in how local restaurants are approached to cater events for Middlebury College groups ...


Four years in retrospect: It doesn’t end with Commencement

For this week’s editorial, the graduating seniors of the Editorial Board reflected on how Middlebury has changed –– for better and worse –– since they enrolled in fall 2019. Our non-seniors offered their perspectives on how these changes have shaped their college experience thus far. Of course, ...


The importance of sustainable fashion at Middlebury

At Middlebury, once my friends found out I could sew, I became inundated with texts asking me to patch a pair of jeans or alter a top. Upcycling and repairing clothing is crucial to capitalizing on the longevity of clothing and avoiding the wasteful process of buying something new. There is an obvious ...