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Friday, Jan 21, 2022


The Setonian

"As we absorb the inevitability of living with the virus, we must also strip away the fear that has accompanied positive tests, the judgment that has infiltrated every social interaction, and the restrictions that are past the point of doing more harm than good," writes Griffin Shapiro '22.

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The Setonian

Reflections from the Inn

Middlebury’s mission promises an “inclusive, residential environment” for the duration of a student’s time at Middlebury. The expectations for a college experience set by Middlebury fall tragically short for those living at the Inn on the Green.


A Middlebury Christmas Carol

In the spirit of the holidays and A Middlebury Christmas Carol, it’s time to reflect on our lives here at Middlebury, look more closely at our present and find points of light in our futures. If Tiny Tim were here, he would say “President Patton bless us, every one!”

The Setonian

Kvetching about meal plans

As many of you know, there’s no better place to schmooze with friends than the Middlebury dining halls. But not all are welcome in these establishments this year, at least not with the previously arranged agreements enjoyed in years past.


J-Term should be an opportunity, not a scarcity

Not only was the J-Term registration process deeply frustrating and contradictory to the entire exploratory purpose of J-Term, it also represents the latest example of how Middlebury has failed to dedicate adequate resources to support the students, staff and faculty of its over-enrolled campus.  ...

The Setonian

In Defense of Bread Loaf Staff

If I didn’t know these things and read the write-ups about life on Bread Loaf, I would have thought it was the failure of the staff up here, and so I felt I must say something.

The Setonian

The listening role of college chaplains

Who exactly are the campus chaplains at Middlebury, and what do we do? We raise this question now because “College Chaplains” is one of the resources that is listed when tragedy strikes on campus or elsewhere in the world, and we are certainly all dealing with the repercussions of many such tragedies ...