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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Jonathan Eaton


Meet the new Middlebury faculty this year

This fall, Middlebury welcomed ten new professors and six lecturers to its faculty. New professors were hired in the departments of Black Studies, Chinese, Computer Science, Economics, French and Francophone studies, History of Art and Architecture, Music and Physics.

Arts & Culture

"In previews: Student theater this fall"

As the leaves begin changing, so too are the lights in Wright Theatre and the Hepburn Zoo. Middlebury student theatre is back on its feet after a long summer, and the Middlebury community has much to look forward to this semester. Seven shows will be performed around campus — three directed by faculty ...

The Setonian
Arts & Culture

The College Dorm, an Altar to Midd Kids’ Humanity

After a summer filled with work, adventure and fun, Middlebury students have returned to their on-campus homes. Dorm rooms are not only sanctuaries for students’ studies, sleep and sometimes parties. They are a reflection of one’s humanity, an extension of the student soul. A true creative outlet, ...


Abed Abbas ’24 wins SGA presidential election

The student body voted on Monday, April 24 to elect Abed Abbas ’24 as president of the Student Government Association (SGA), with Fanta Diop ’25 & Tara Masri ’25 joining as his vice presidents. Approximately 44% of students eligible to vote, or 1,111 of 2,520 students, voted in the presidential ...

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