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Friday, Jun 2, 2023

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From the Archives: Middlebury through the headlines

“From the Archives” is an opportunity for various writers to visit the Middlebury Special Collections and write about a different artifact each week. The Special Collections boasts hundreds of thousands of historic items, and through this column we encourage writers to explore not only the college’s ...

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Arts & Culture

Niche Reads: Beach Reads!

If you struggle to find time for fun reading, this is the spot for you. Niche Reads recommends novels that relate to academic (or other) interests so you can explore a new book while still feeling productive. Check back each week for more cool books.


Four years in retrospect: It doesn’t end with Commencement

For this week’s editorial, the graduating seniors of the Editorial Board reflected on how Middlebury has changed –– for better and worse –– since they enrolled in fall 2019. Our non-seniors offered their perspectives on how these changes have shaped their college experience thus far. Of course, ...

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Arts & Culture

NJF Presents Middlebury’s Untold Stories

Middlebury’s 2022-2023 Narrative Journalism Fellowship (NJF) hosted a gallery-style listening event open to the Middlebury community in Axinn on May 4. The four Middlebury student fellows — William Reed ’23.5, Mira Irfan ’23.5, Kate Sadoff ’23.5 and Katherine Michaelson ’25 — conducted ...


Middlebury tennis teams advance in NCAA tournament

The Middlebury men’s and women’s tennis teams have continued their years of dominance this past weekend, as they both won their respective NCAA regionals. The women’s team won their seventh consecutive regional championship, and the men’s team won their eighth straight regional championship.  ...

Arts & Culture

Reel Critic: The Graduate

“The Graduate” is my favorite movie. I begin with this disclaimer because though it is understandably controversial in and out of the world of film majors, I am incredibly biased in my commitment to loving it. I must also emphasize that I am not a film major. And despite my being raised in a household ...