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Sunday, Sep 25, 2022

Arts & Culture


A film critic’s favorite films of 2020

With one exception, almost all of my favorite films released last year were hauntingly prophetic in the ways they tackled our country’s contemporary struggles. It is hard to believe, for instance, that “The Trial of the Chicago 7” and “One Night in Miami’ were shot long before the coronavirus ...


Reel Critic: ‘Our Right to Gaze’

The Hirschfield Series kicked off this spring with “Our Right to Gaze: Black Film Identities,” a collection of short films by Black filmmakers. The collection is a collaboration between Full Spectrum Features, Northwest Film Forum, The Luminal Theatre and Circle Collective. A few of the series’ ...


WRMC Radio Roundup: New sounds for a new semester

This is the first installment of the column “WRMC Radio Roundup” from the Middlebury College radio station, in which WRMC executive board members offer album recommendations.  Are you tired of listening to “Channel Orange?” Have you decided it's time to branch out, spread your musical wings ...


Direct Your Attention: Fleabag’s unreliable narration

Upon hearing the news that Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Donald Glover – two of my absolute favorite writer-actors – would be co-creating a series for Amazon Prime, I immediately thought I should revisit some of their earlier projects, namely Waller-Bridge’s kinetic TV show “Fleabag.” There has ...


Daylight Zine sheds light on the power of art in a pandemic

Daylight, to Ariadne Will ’22, is a phenomenon that is both universal and, depending on a person’s perspective and location, ever-changing. When she decided to launch a recurring publication from her home of Sitka, Alaska during the pandemic, it was this philosophy that led her to name her project ...


“The Queen’s Gambit”: Walter Tevis’ fiery chess novel

The most entertaining thriller I’ve read in months is by the author Walter Tevis, an Ohio University professor who died in 1984. The novel’s title: “The Queen’s Gambit” (1983).  Perhaps you are familiar with “The Queen’s Gambit,” which was adapted into a smash-hit Netflix series of ...


Cho-liang Lin brings intensity and vibrancy to Performing Arts Series

When Cho-liang Lin picks up his violin, he brings it to life. Its wooden body transforms into a bright atrium, procuring delicate notes as his bow all but flies across the strings with vigor. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he plays an 18th-century Stradivarius, but chiefly, having the opportunity ...


All Online: A J-Term course uncovers online extremism

On Jan. 6, I watched an attempted coup spurred by online conspiracy theories unfold at the nation’s Capitol; two weeks later, I began the J-Term class “Online Extremism: Theory, Research, and Practice.” Instructed by Alex Newhouse ’17, the research lead at MIIS’ Center on Terrorism, Extremism, ...


‘The Secret History’: A murder mystery redolent of Middlebury

“The snow in the mountains was melting and Bunny had been dead for several weeks before we came to understand the gravity of our situation,” Donna Tartt writes in the opening sentence of “The Secret History.” Within this first line, the victim and the crime are already established. But what ...


‘drivers license’ finds crux of catchiness and honesty

I remember spotting “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo on my YouTube sidebar. As musical trends often come and go, I brushed the recommendation off after giving the music video a 30-second try. But two weeks later, it’s still there. In fact, “drivers license” is everywhere. It’s on my friends’ ...


Recommendations from a winter interlude

For many Middlebury students, this past winter break was a strange interlude in a challenging year. It was a period that found me investing time and energy into concrete ways of lowering my stress levels, like learning breathing exercises or channeling nervous energy into knitting projects to keep my ...


Direct Your Attention: Dave Chappelle isn’t joking anymore

It is difficult to overstate the magnitude of comedian Dave Chappelle’s imprint on our zeitgeist. Even calling him a comedian feels like the wrong title; perhaps activist or social commentator is more apt. This week, for the second time, Dave Chappelle hosted “Saturday Night Live” immediately ...


Reel Critic: “Objector”

“Objector” provides a new view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, following 18-year-old Atalya Ben-Abba.