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Wednesday, Jun 7, 2023

Arts & Culture

Everything Everywhere — Courtesy Photo.jpeg

Reel Critic: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

"Everything Everywhere All at Once" is a film that demonstrates that life is absurd, ridiculous and often meaningless, and gives an answer for how it can be lived. It is a comedy that rivals “Airplane” in its silliness, and is an intellectual masterpiece that can enrapture even the snobbiest of ...

WRMC Radio Roundup by Pia Contreras (2).jpg

WRMC Radio Roundup: Exploring old and new sounds

This is another childhood album, but I was re-listening to it recently, and it is quite a gem — not a bad track on the album. There is lots of twang and beautiful guitar with poetic lyrics. The third track is called “2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten”; I think it’s pretty funny that she’s using texting ...

The batman — Courtesy Photo.webp

Reel Critic: “The Batman”

Ten years on from “The Dark Knight Rises,” the stirring finale to the series that humanized Bruce Wayne and established a Batman for the modern world, director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson have tried their hand at a new iteration of the tortured hero for the big screen. It’s a story of ...

Moth Up -- Daleelah Saleh.jpg

‘Meta’ Moth-Up takes on story-within-a-story format

On March 9, the live Moth-Up storytelling event brought an intimacy to Middlebury not often experienced in the whirlwind of the academic week back into the spotlight. Hosted in the Gamut Room, where the audience had to arrange themselves Tetris-style to fit, the event kicked off when the lights were ...

_Playground_ — Courtesy Photo.jpg

Reel Critic: “Playground”

Laura Wendel’s debut feature film “Playground” walks the line between childhood nostalgia and occasional violence. The film opens with the words, un monde — the film’s original title and the French word for “a world.” The film reminds audiences of the complex social relationships that ...

Anikaya — Courtesy Photo.webp

Anikaya Dance Theatre takes flight at Mahaney

The dancers played a group of birds, soaring through valleys, desperately trying to find a mythical creature named Simurgh. The performance was organized into ten different segments, divided by the different valleys visited along the journey. The story concludes with the birds realizing that they were ...

WRMC Radio Roundup by Pia Contreras (5).jpg

Radio Roundup

If I could pick one word to describe Caroline's first debut project “Strawberry,” it would be “floating.” On “Strawberry,” Loveglow takes the soft sounds from the dream pop genre and gives it a gentle punch with distortion and reverb in her production and vocals. 

Drive My Car — Courtesy Photo.jpg

Reel Critic: Drive My Car

The Hirschfield International Film Series’ most recent feature “Drive My Car” is not unlike a long road trip. Road trips usually elicit two seemingly conflicting feelings: boredom and awe. With a runtime just shy of three hours, director Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s lauded masterpiece could easily miss ...

The Setonian

Headlines: Our new radio show

At the very end of last spring — when Riley Board ’22, Lucy Townend ’22 and I (The Campus’ executive team) started planning for this year’s Campus issues — we got really excited about an idea. The idea was creating a Campus radio show where we’d share a little about the stories from each ...

Uncharted — Courtesy Photo.jpeg

Reel Critic: “Uncharted”

With quippy dialogue, physics-defying action and a sense of swashbuckling enthusiasm pervading its every moment, “Uncharted” succeeds as an exciting adventure film that perfectly captures the spirit of its gaming inspiration.

WRMC Radio Roundup by Pia Contreras (4).jpg

WRMC Radio Roundup — Energizing the semester

Nothing is more iconic than starting an album with “Boom Boom Pow.” I grew up listening to Fergie with my aunt, so rediscovering The Black Eyed Peas has been really fun. Their music has great beats and is really fun to dance to.

Little Man 1 — Courtesy Maggie Blake.heic

An Interview with Midd’s littlest student

Maybe you have no idea who or what Little Man is, or maybe you just want to learn more about him, but either way, read on for a personal interview with the figurine of the moment and a look behind the curtains at his creators.