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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

Sylvie Shure

Arts & Culture

Niche Reads: Beach Reads!

If you struggle to find time for fun reading, this is the spot for you. Niche Reads recommends novels that relate to academic (or other) interests so you can explore a new book while still feeling productive. Check back each week for more cool books.

Arts & Culture

Niche Reads: Novels for anthropology majors

There are few topics literature explores better than human nature. Why do we make the decisions we make? How do we relate to the people around us? What does it mean to be a person at all? Arguably, nearly every novel ever written is about people, but these three books are especially focused on humanity ...

Arts & Culture

Niche Reads: Novels for English majors

Out of all Middlebury students, English majors probably have enough books to read. Maybe the very books on this list have already been assigned to them. Nevertheless, there are some fabulous books that center around the study of literature, and it would be a shame not to compile a few into a handy list! ...


Vermont orchards welcome students back

Addison County apple orchards are now open for the season, offering apple picking, food stands, and musical performances. In addition to being a classic New England fall activity, apple picking grants Vermonters a way to support local businesses and local food production. Many pick-your-own orchards ...

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