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Monday, May 16, 2022

Arts & Culture


Reel Critic: 'Clemency'

The latest installment in the Hirschfield Film Series is a story about execution, executioners and human complexity.


The Librarian is in, 2017 by Rob Bell Mediocre. Self-indulgent. Willfully evasive. I was very excited when I initially paged through this book and eyed the story of “The Good Samaritan.” Do you know it? It tells the story of a man who is robbed, beaten ...

Part of the Hirschfield Film Series, thriller "Parasite" explores the class dynamics between two families in South Korea.

Reel Critic: 'Parasite'

The modern thriller has evolved. This isn’t to reject the conventions or classics of the genre — in every aspect, “Parasite” belongs under the umbrella of a thriller. The film is interspersed with ominous noises and things that go bump in the dark; it is a sinister tale of inter-familial ties. ...


The Librarian is in

Within the last five years, how many works of literature have you read by Asian American authors? Okay, the last 10 years? You’ve already proven my point. If you can name more than two, please come to the Research Desk and claim your free bookmark. I am embarrassed by how few works I’ve cherished/encountered/spent ...


Reel Critic: 'Joker'

"Joker" details the background of the popular comic book villain with great acting and dark cinematography.


Fall Faculty Forum celebrates faculty research

The Fall Faculty Forum is an academic event hosted every year during Fall Family Weekend. Featuring faculty research and innovation, the forum consists of different panels centered around themes of exploration where professors can present their projects to students, parents and members of the community. "New ...


The Librarian is in

If you need a CD player, you can check one out at the Circulation Desk in the Davis Family Library. Solange Knowles’ “A Seat At the Table” is one of the Blackest albums I’ve ever heard in my life. What do I mean by that? Solange consciously infuses her album with ideas of legacy, empowerment ...