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Thursday, Mar 23, 2023



1 Go it alone

5 Cried out

11 Ram only visible at night

13 Animated image of a Model T

14 Extinct relative of the elephant

17 Sobbing

18 911 might direct your call here in Addison

19 A substitute place to live

21 Place to get a REAL ID

22 9-Down, in the past

24 State bordered by Veracruz to the east and Guerrero to the west

29 A car commercial might offer a 0% promotion of this

31 Federal org. of concern in Breaking Bad

33 Popular West Coast burger chain

34 Place, abbr.

35 ____ A Sketch

36 A central place to hide your wares in the ground

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39 How FiveThirtyEight might report approval ratings, abbr.

40 "I'm looking for a yes __ __ no."

41 Offensive lineman who snaps the ball to start every down

42 The Holy jurisdiction of the bishop of Rome

43 Joke type Borat struggles with

44 Rented for an extended time

45 Prima ____

48 Bear, en español

50 What you might get from frequent trips to the gym

53 Federal agency responsible for air travel

56 Runaway

58 Relevance, especially as to a case

60 How the Joker might realize his nemesis is bluffing

61 Complement of copy

62 Eric Carmen song "All by ____"

63 ____ or that


1 Identical

2 Streetcar

3 What a cameraman might do before he shoots

4 Precious stone

5 Storms that might sweep through Vermont between Dec. and March

6 Opposite of before

7 “__ __ we're too late”

8 Jazzed-up form of potatoes

9 Make a mistake

10 Be responsible for sober transportation from a bar

12 ___-CAH-TOA

13 Data tool that might be used by geography majors

15 Say something that gives away your age 

16 Sound of pondering

20 What a professor becomes when grading assignments

23 An official order, perhaps from a royal authority

24 Dresses something up to make it showy or impressive, like a car

25 International agency responsible for humanitarian aid to kids

26 An outcry at a party in Boston circa 1773, perhaps

27 Dad ___

28 Internet slang variation that signals amusement

30 Counterpart of para

32 A group that a sheep might call home

35 Active stratovolcano in Sicily

37 What you might call a friend from a frat

38 View

46 Wooden shipping container

47 Drive something to act

49 Cry powerfully

51 Address book abbreviation before a number

52 You might drive through the Middlebury one to get over the Green Mountains

53 Trout and salmon are some varieties native to Vermont

54 Not in favor of

55 Long time 

56 Genre of music first popularized in the 1980s by European bands such as Kraftwerk and DAF, abbr.

57 Declare

59 What one hopes not to see in a dorm

Solutions will be posted Friday at noon! Good luck!