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Monday, May 16, 2022



How will we live together?

This is simultaneously the year to recreate our community support system and to rely on that system more than any of us have before.


Notes from the Desk: We’re still a long way from the finish line

  By August 29, all but one member of the on-campus student body had tested negative upon arrival for Covid-19. As results trickled in Sunday afternoon, cheers echoed down residence halls as students, who had been confined to their room for nearly two days, rushed outside to join their friends ...


In search of peace and justice

I recently traveled back to my parents’ home in Alabama. While there, I visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, the country’s first memorial dedicated to Black victims of slavery and lynching. The memorial is an emotionally powerful and visually stunning history lesson. It is a small ...


We must protect the town of Middlebury

We all know this semester will be different from previous ones in almost every way imaginable —  online classes, mandatory face masks, constraints on the size of social gatherings and limited, if any, access to the town of Middlebury itself. Even the ways in which we are preparing for this semester ...

The Setonian

The oppressed can be oppressors too

Summer of 2020 is a time of national soul searching. After the horrific killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless other Black Americans, Black Lives Matter has become a rallying cry for a sizable number of American citizens and residents.   It is sadly telling that just when many programs ...

The Setonian

A response to professor Marissel Hernández-Romero’s email

On Sunday evening of June 28, the entire Middlebury College community — faculty, staff, current students, alumni, retirees and more — received an email from Professor Marissel Hernández-Romero. In it, she details her experiences with racism at the college. She goes on to name specific incidents ...

The Setonian

Anti-racism is not just a trend

"As the summer carries on, it’s inevitable that the news cycles will change. But this is not a passing moment. It is and should be a turning point. To look away now would be to perpetuate centuries of systemic violence, to further marginalize our nation’s most vulnerable."

The Setonian

In regard to Riddim’s history: Give it back

"It is an expectation that groups will evolve over time," wrote Niyafa Boucher '22. "However, the evolution of Riddim continues a larger societal trend of White people co-opting and erasing the humanity of people of color."

The Setonian

Employees endorse remote fall for safety

We know and appreciate that the administration has worked tirelessly to assess various situations and balance many factors, both known and unknown. However, we believe that bringing back a significant number of students to campus risks a devastating health crisis, and thus there is only one path forward ...