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Sunday, Nov 28, 2021

Editorial Board

The Setonian

Authentic climate justice is overdue

As the days get shorter and colder, many of us have found ourselves cranking up our heaters and switching our lights on earlier in the evenings. These are actions we don’t think about; they are subconscious and hold no moral standing. After all, we attend an institution renowned for its sustainability ...

The Setonian

Grieving as a community

And as we did, confused and conflicted about what to do and what to feel, no one around us seemed to be talking to it. It became silent grief for many of us, and it remained unclear how or when it would be processed. 


To Each Their Own Balance

After a year and a half of quarantining, distancing and Zooming, Middlebury is beginning to again resemble what it once was, and the desire to return to a pre-pandemic campus life — pre-dispersion of friends and classmates taking semesters off or learning remotely, pre-seeing close contacts only, ...


Livable is the minimum

While the school year may be coming to a close, a new fiscal year — and the implementation of a new College budget — is fast approaching. This is a moment to reflect on what should be included among the college’s highest priorities before these decisions go into effect on July 1.  Paying all ...

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