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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

Editorial Board


The club fair: It’s not just for first-years

The fall 2023 Student Involvement Fair was a success. The quad in front of McCullough Student Center buzzed last Wednesday afternoon with club leaders eager to recruit new members and first-years itching to find their extracurricular niches at Middlebury. Some clubs, including Middlebury Ski Patrol, ...


Spring us from our academic cage

But with the change of seasons also comes a shift in student culture. Students usually find themselves in an environment where it seems like everyone is competing to be the most productive or have the busiest schedule. As the weather starts to warm up, it transforms into a competition to see who can ...


Investing in social life

With few Covid-19 guidelines still in place, many parts of campus life are starting to return to pre-pandemic routines. Students are once again able to eat in the dining halls, attend most classes without masks and go out to parties or other gatherings on the weekends. 

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