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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023


The Setonian

College Operations Proceed with Caution After Anthrax Scare

Author: Nicha Rakpanichmanee While anthrax diagnoses headline national news, the Middlebury College community—particularly the student body—has responded with reserved concern. Daily routines appear undisturbed, except for some precaution at the mailroom and Recycling Center. Many people attribute ...

The Setonian

Safety Inspections Ignite Controversy

Author: Peter Simon Staff Writer With October winding down, the College's annual inspection of dormitories for compliance with fire safety rules is under way. This year, two changes to fire safety policy are causing some controversy: the decision to add Christmas lights to the list of banned items ...

The Setonian

Council Accepts New Honor Code Language

Author: Lindsey Whitton Staff Writer On Monday, Community Council accepted a new draft of the official Middlebury College policy on academic dishonesty. This revision, written to replace pages 99 and 100 in the 2001-2002 Handbook, reorganizes and clarifies the existing policy and the current structure ...

The Setonian

Clothing Closet Warms Community

Author: Becky Ruby Staff Writer Last Friday, between 50 and 75 Middlebury College students arrived in Mitchell Green Lounge. Sorting through piles of coats, hats and other winter necessities, they left better suited to survive what Vermont does best: winter. The Winter Clothing Closet is a chance for ...

The Setonian

Release of Student Records Prompts Privacy Concerns

Author: Tim McCahill and Devin Zatorski, News Editors The release and recall of information pertaining to the academic records of the Class of 2002 has raised new concerns about student privacy and confidentiality among members of the College administration. On Oct. 19, Director of Undergraduate Records ...

The Setonian

Apples, Cider, Pumpkins Orchard Privides Autumn Happiness

Author: Mary Houde Staff Writer At this time of the year, apple-picking begins to taper off while cider-making and pumpkin-picking take their turns. Stan Pratt the owner of Happy Valley Orchard, will not be able to rest until the Orchard closes the day before Thanksgiving. Ever since Pratt purchased ...