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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Arts & Culture


Reel Critic: 'The Lighthouse'

This black-and-white, technically rich film portrays the psychological tensions as Wake and Winslow, keepers of a lighthouse off the coast of New England, navigate their power dynamics and solitude.


Column: The economic case for going vegan

The decision whether or not to eat a vegan diet depends on preference, accessibility, and other externalities such as moral and environmental costs. How could Middlebury dining halls influence students' decisions?


On Vinyl: “Jesus Is King”

Kanye's latest LP explores his religion, mixing gospel with hip-hop themes. However, it fails to fully account for the public scrutiny he has faced in recent years.


'The Bacchae 2.1' reframes otherness

Theatre Professor Michole Biancosino's iteration of "The Bacchae" retains the play's original themes of human complexity yet creatively presents otherness in new ways.


Evolution dancers drop their masks

In their first show of the year title "The Mask Has Fallen," Evolution impressed and energized the crowd, celebrating authenticity with student-choreographed urban dances.


Reel Critic: 'Clemency'

The latest installment in the Hirschfield Film Series is a story about execution, executioners and human complexity.