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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Arts & Culture

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A low-snow J-Term: How students have entertained themselves

J-Term is typically a time when students enjoy a more relaxed class schedule and a little more free time to enjoy Vermont’s winter activities, like skiing. But this January has lacked Vermont’s typical snowfall, making many of those activities that students look forward to difficult. 

WRMC Radio Roundup 1/26

On his new album “Me / And / Dad,” Billy Strings revisits a number of bluegrass standards alongside his father, who taught him to play guitar as a child. Backed up by an all-star cast of bluegrass pickers, including Ronnie McCoury and Jerry Douglas, Strings and Barber take turns singing lead on ...

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From the Archives: Baking from a 19th-century recipe book

In the bracing winter cold, the prospect of warm, freshly baked treats seems all the more tempting. This homemade recipe book from the late 19th century offers a view into baked goods that people would have enjoyed 150 years ago, containing handwritten recipes and recipes cut and pasted from newspapers. ...

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Niche Reads: Novels for anthropology majors

There are few topics literature explores better than human nature. Why do we make the decisions we make? How do we relate to the people around us? What does it mean to be a person at all? Arguably, nearly every novel ever written is about people, but these three books are especially focused on humanity ...


Reel Critic: “The Fabelmans”

He made us afraid to go in the water with “Jaws.” He gave the world its most beloved whip-wielding adventure hero in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” He even resurrected the dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park.” Now, with “The Fabelmans,” Steven Spielberg has given audiences the story they didn’t ...

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The most important things we learned over break

At the close of each semester, Middlebury students scatter across the globe — returning home and traveling to wherever they will spend their breaks. Although it's easy to think of time off from school as a break from learning, the environments and experiences in which we find ourselves in between ...

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Heart of Afghanistan showcases Afghan history through music

Heart of Afghanistan graced Mahaney Arts Center on Jan. 13 with a performance, just under a year after their spring 2022 debut and days after their largest performance yet at the Kennedy Center. The group is made up of four performers: Afghan soap opera star and famous singer Ahmad Fanoos on vocals ...

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J-Term Crossword!

Here is this week's crossword! Solutions will be published on Friday, January 20th at 12 p.m. Good luck!

The Setonian

The most important things we learned this semester

The close of the semester can be a hectic time. Faced with a whirlwind of exams, papers and projects, it is easy to get caught up in the mayhem of trying to finish out the semester strong. The allure of the “A” is mighty, and it can make it easy to forget why we’re all actually here: to learn. ...

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A story from abroad: A shared bookstore in Japan

Senichi Books, or “1000+1 Books,” is a small bookstore located in Sengawa, Chofu in Tokyo, Japan. Home to 100 32-centimeter square bookshelves, the goal of 1000+1 Books is to create a space for people to express themselves through books that they’re interested in by allowing people to purchase ...

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Holiday Crossword!

Check out this week's holiday-themed crossword! Solutions will be posted Friday, December 9th at 12 p.m.

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Reel Critic: “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

After the sudden death of Chadwick Boseman in 2020, the star who embodied the Black Panther while silently suffering from cancer, there was likely not a single movie fan who did not want “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” to be a resounding success in his honor. And with writer-director Ryan Coogler ...

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From the Archives: Skiing at Middlebury

With the first snow on campus, eager students are already anticipating winter trips to the Snow Bowl to hit the slopes. While many consider skiing a crucial aspect of outdoor recreation in Vermont, the Snow Bowl and ski culture at Middlebury only rose to fame relatively recently.