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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024


textured like snow

like sheets, in a world where no step

is the only rule as

we hurl thousands of pounds of metal up into

the air — flying

place change

people change

i’ve changed, this place continues to grow new

limbs like trees sprout buds

and flowers anchor themselves into

the dirt of a fresh autumn

becoming ghost-like

in the past i’m leaving like lamps

and rugs

i will instead coat myself with minutes

coasting on a new rug in a new room

in a new light, the sprouts

clasping around my neck anew

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we don’t even have to talk about it

but we should

to understand how we’ve reached this moment

right here, pin pricked by longitude and snowy clouds and the promise of holding

long into the night

Edyth Moldow

Edyth Moldow’s “Longitude” kicks off an effort by the Arts and Culture section to feature more student art, both in the form of small drawings and poems. The Middlebury Arts Department is full of immense talent, and students have very few regular (or at least weekly) opportunities to showcase what they're working on. “Longitude,”thus begins what will hopefully be the regular featuring of students’ projects in The Campus.