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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021



Notes from the desk: To prospies, from The Campus

During Preview Days every year, The Campus invites prospective students to our office to give them a sense of how we covered the college that year. If we were all on campus together, prospies, this is what we'd share with you.

"A common misconception about writing centers is that only 'struggling' students seek them out. But writing centers actually attract high-performing, thoughtful and intentional writers who are motivated to develop their writing skills and knowledge further."

What is a writing center?

I have been in and around educational spaces as a TA, teacher, volunteer, educator and professor for 20 years. Long before I knew that the job of “professor” existed, I was an educator, or, at least, an aspiring one. However, as I was a first-generation college student, writing centers, much like ...


Desperate times call for flexible measures

"We started out this remote experiment thinking about how to adapt the structure of lecture halls to our laptops, but we should also be envisioning ways to bring the intimacy of our Zoom screens back to our classrooms."