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Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023



Notes from the Desk: More than unwelcome in America

“We don’t have a place here.” I looked up — mid-bite into my noodles — at my mom, whose matter-of-fact tone surprised me. She paused. “I don’t feel safe here,” she continued, more wistfully. “And it frightens me when you’re away.” It broke my heart then. But this past week, ...


When it comes to grief, Middlebury is no bubble

Sabrina Templeton We hear time and time again that Middlebury is a “bubble.” It’s a liberal bubble, a student bubble, a cultural bubble. All of this talk pushes us into believing that we really are protected; that we live in a campus that can hold us in and push danger out.  A bubble implies ...

The Setonian

‘Solidarity is the political version of love’

I fight for justice in Palestine for many reasons. On August 28, 1939, at the age of 16, my Jewish grandfather boarded a ship at Le Havre in Northern France bound for the United States. He was entirely alone. His family was already in the U.S., but he had waited months for his visa to be approved. In ...

The Setonian

A Closing Note

Unprecedented. Challenging. Uncertain. These words have become staples in the past year — so prominent and ubiquitous that they have almost lost their meaning. But, in truth, this year has been all of those things.  Some of us continue to grapple with the lasting pain of losing a loved one. Others ...

The Setonian

The View From Here

Here we are, a year in. A lot has changed in the past year and it seems like we’ve almost achieved a certain milestone. For us, it’s been a time to reflect. It’s been a time to make sense of the chaos, turmoil and loss that we’ve experienced in the past 365 days and to look ahead. Our staff ...

The Setonian

Middlebury 101: Your crash course from The Campus

For new students, the first few weeks at Middlebury can feel like a crash course in knowing everything you can about life here — and playing off the things you don’t. We remember what it’s like to show up for class in Twilight when you’re supposed to be in Axinn, so let us help you avoid that ...


Welcome home, baby Febs

Get excited for the normalcy that’s to come, but don’t let it put a damper on whatever great memories the next few months hold.


MASK OFF, MIDD: Your first weekend when things were normal

The rules of the Game are quite simple:  you’ll drink. more than you would have had your roommate not specialized in peer pressure but you’ll do it because you want to, really  you’ll have friends. lots of them. group chats, clothing swaps and Venmo requests to prove it ...