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Monday, Apr 15, 2024


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Sarah Says: Goodbye to all that

Each semester brings in a new crop of eager-eyed first years, pushing the seniors out into “the real world.” Living in Forest Hall as a senior gives me an intimate window into my own obsolescence. At one end of the hall lurk the silent underclassmen while at the other end of the hall Baby Febs splay ...


On the politicization of administrative emails

Following a fall semester spent beset by email after email from the college administration recognizing personal and international tragedies, we have begun to reevaluate the importance of Middlebury’s administrative statements to the goals of the college as an academic institution. As we’ve watched ...


Sarah Says: The problem with tossing out the literary canon

In March of my senior year of high school, I told my best friend that I couldn’t wait to be at an institution where more people had read Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina,” a text that at the time struck me as the apex of literary pretension. Thankfully she laughed in my face. Yet I remained committed ...

The Setonian

Reflections from The Desk

I am writing this Notes from The Desk during my last week as the Senior Opinions Editor at The Campus. I write this to be published one week and two days before I move off of this campus and ski down with the class of 2023.5. I write this to say how incredibly grateful I am to have had this position, ...

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Love for the Middlebury Snow Bowl and Feb traditions

When I first saw the Snow Bowl, I knew I wanted to apply to Middlebury. I fell in love with the Middlebury Snow Bowl and the adventures to be had before I had even stepped foot on campus. Five years ago, when I eagerly clicked on my acceptance letter, the snowflakes dancing on my computer screen foretold ...

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Vermont: The Green(Washing) Mountain State

Vermont isn’t what we think it is. At least, Vermont isn’t the place I thought it was or the place many of my peers think it to be. Coming to Vermont as a student from the Midwest, I was eager to become immersed in the land of politicians like Bernie Sanders, activist companies like Ben and Jerry’s ...

The Setonian

Orientation Leaders are underpaid – let’s refuse the role until wages improve

Reflecting on my experiences as an Orientation Assistant for the new first-year Febs in 2022, a job I originally deemed invigorating and fun, I realized that I will never do it again. I am not alone in this sentiment; my friends who worked as orientation leaders share similar feelings. Like me, they ...

The Setonian

Sarah Says: Who’s Afraid of SSRIs?

That evening, picking up the prescription from the CVS counter, had the ring of an anti-climax. I resisted treating my anxiety with medication for so long, but when the crisis point came, the decision to take Prozac was easy. My anxiety was just another problem in need of solving. 


J-Term 101: How to embrace winter at Middlebury

As the sun begins to set ever earlier in the afternoon, and the bitter chill creeps into students’ dorm rooms, the reality of winter in Vermont slowly but surely sets in across campus. These last two weeks of the fall semester and the looming reality of J-Term represent significant changes to student ...

The Setonian

I love my beautiful NARP life

When people ask, “What do you do on campus?” it is most often asked with good intentions. I absolutely hate this question.  Over my time at Middlebury, I have crafted a decent elevator pitch for when I come across this awkward moment in conversation. I say something to the tune of “Oh, I ...

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Broken culture: Reopening the Murray incident

In the spring of 2017, Charles Murray, a political scientist known for his controversial work “The Bell Curve” was invited by the American Enterprise Institute Club to speak at Middlebury College. His presence sparked student protests that not only disrupted his speech but also escalated to violence ...


MiddSafe: Creating a safe space over the phone

“Hello, you’ve reached the MiddSafe hotline. How can I help you today?” Power-based personal violence is not just individual occurrences, but structural, community-level problems that require collective actions to remedy. Violence continues to occur at Middlebury College and has pervasive impacts ...


Sarah Says: Everything I know about love

As I approach the end of my final fall semester at Middlebury, I have found myself grappling with the realization that, forgoing any eleventh-hour surprises, I will likely graduate without experiencing a romantic college relationship. That fact has forced me to admit that over the past couple of weeks, ...


Student death is now part of the routine at Middlebury

Ivan Valerio ’26 passed away last Tuesday. Evelyn Mae Sorensen ’25 passed away in mid-September. Yan Zhou ’23 passed away of apparent suicide on Oct. 20, 2021.  After three deaths in two years, student death on campus is beginning to feel like a normal part of life at Middlebury.  While ...

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An unexpected defense of the Middlebury P.E. credits

As I hustled along South Street, dripping with September sweat after underestimating both the heat and the distance to Middlebury’s Ralph Myhre Golf Course, I regretted enrolling for Beginning Golf this fall. Although exacerbated by the blazing sun that day, this has largely been my long-standing ...


Let’s talk font

The other day I was sitting next to a classmate. Together, we were reading their typed document when I couldn’t help but notice their preposterous font choice: Calibri. When I pointed this out, they sang its praises, describing how much they loved the sans-serif font with its minimalist nature and ...

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We need thoughtful views, cautiously stated

Middlebury seems to be an institution that values justice. We certainly talk about it constantly, so if one can infer importance from repetition, we do value it. Climate Justice, Reproductive Justice, Housing Justice, Environmental Justice. But to be able to have productive discussions about those topics, ...


On the Middlebury community’s response to the Israel-Gaza war

At Harvard University, the administration and student groups have been engulfed in controversy and doxxing after issuing statements on the Israel-Palestine conflict. At Dartmouth College, two students were recently arrested for camping out to protest the school’s approach to the war. And at Columbia ...