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Monday, May 29, 2023


The Setonian

From friends to family through fellowship

No, InterVarsity (IV) is not a sport –– it’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. At Middlebury College, we seek to create a space for those looking to explore what it means to have a relationship with God alongside our peers. Our goal is to love the Lord our God and love our neighbor as ourselves. ...

The Setonian

It Happens Here 2023

At It Happens Here, an annual tradition at Middlebury since 2011, members of the student body gather to hear the stories of sexual violence from their peers.


The frustrating reality of winter in New England

During our years at Middlebury, many of us have grown accustomed to Vermont’s famously harsh winter conditions. Whether you’re a hardened New England native or a sun-tanned California beach-goer, we’ve all learned to cope with howling wind, sub-zero temps and every variety of frozen precipitation ...

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A call to proctor exams

In one of my in-person midterm exams this term, I observed cheating on an egregious level. With phones in their laps, four students copied down answers from their screens. They showed their exams to one another and copied down answers from each other’s papers. They whispered loudly to one another, ...


NFTD: A Love Letter to Proc Basement

At the end of the fall semester, Proc Basement as we knew it was shuttered for good. The door was locked, the mirrors were covered and a sign reading “Reserved for Testing” went up. 

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Insufficient care for club sports

Although I was lucky to have been a part of another program that has a trainer, my teammates in the water polo organization and other individuals who partake in club sports without trainers would not have been as lucky. Now that I no longer play rugby, I have found myself in the same boat as my water ...

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Lots of people get periods

There is a highly gendered stigma surrounding menstruation, leading to half the population being left wholly unaware of a critical aspect of the other half’s health. And, there even remains a stigma around the discussion of the topic among the half of the population it directly impacts. Teaching about ...

The Setonian

Masks and mannerisms: Exploring the pitfalls of social mobility

Recently, I have found myself becoming overly-invested in the satirical nature of Gwyneth Paltrow’s court hearing. Some of the many highlights include Paltrow pouting on the stand about how she lost half a day of skiing or how the opposition — an orthopedic surgeon — who cannot attend his wine ...

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Spotlight on the Humanities at Middlebury

The Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences are the core pillars of a liberal arts education. And yet a well-documented crisis in the humanities, evident in declining majors and enrollments, has swept the country and indeed the globe since at least the financial crisis of 2008. 


“Make your own future”: Trusting students to lead

Middlebury students are often taught that the skills a Middlebury education fosters are ones that will prepare us to be leaders, to make our own informed decisions or to strike out on our own paths. The “Our Students” tab of the college’s website even touts that Middlebury is home to students ...


Why I’m Teaching Yoga as a White Person

When I found myself army-crawling my way through a tumultuous senior year of high school, I turned to yoga with the hope that it might offer me respite. In the sanctuary of those evenings I spent with YouTube videos and my mom’s hand-me-down mat, I could breathe and still my mind, leaving behind my ...