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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

Arts & Culture

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Conversations with athletes in the arts

At a small liberal arts college like Middlebury, one would think that a strong overlap between the arts and athletics would be both inherent and central to the campus community. However, whether it be based on the fact that students only have so much time or whether there is a cultural divide between ...


Niche Reads: Novels for Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving rolls around, a lot of people have family on their minds. Spending time with family can be wonderful but also stressful, so look below for some novels that explore family relationships.

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The Castalian Quartet returns to perform at Middlebury

Many eager admirers of classical music braved the inclement weather and made the journey to Robison Hall on Friday, Nov. 11, when the Castalian Quartet returned to Middlebury for the first time since 2019. Named for the Ancient Greek spring that bestowed poetic inspiration upon those who drank its waters, ...

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Crossword 11/17

Here is this week's crossword! Solutions will be posted Friday 11/18 at noon. Good luck!


Niche Reads: Novels for English majors

Out of all Middlebury students, English majors probably have enough books to read. Maybe the very books on this list have already been assigned to them. Nevertheless, there are some fabulous books that center around the study of literature, and it would be a shame not to compile a few into a handy list! ...

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Evolution Dance Crew brings “Love, Sex and Magic” to campus

The Evolution Dance Crew (Evo) made their debut for the semester with two back-to-back shows in Wilson Hall on Nov. 5. The show was titled “Love, Sex, and Magic,” a theme voted on by the group’s dancers because of its versatility and variety of interpretations. For some, the theme is about the ...

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From the Archives: Andy Warhol's Index

Though most are familiar with Andy Warhol’s infamous Campbell Soup painting, few have heard of his 1967 popup book called “Andy Warhol’s Index,” which Middlebury Special Collections acquired in 2016. Published by Random House, the genre of this popup book is hard to define, integrating photography, ...

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“Freedom Dreaming” imagines an anti-racist Middlebury community

What would an anti-racist Middlebury look like? “Freedom Dreaming,” a staged reading directed by Tara Affolter, associate professor of Education Studies, interrogated ways in which Middlebury could follow a path of anti-racism in classrooms on Oct. 28 and 29 at the Mahaney Arts Center Dance Theatre.  ...

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Students and professors share election night rituals

Every two years, millions of politically concerned Americans huddle around televisions, cell phones and radios, patiently awaiting the results of midterm or presidential elections. It’s a process that ends in celebration for some, tears for others and confusion for many. For members of the Middlebury ...

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Crossword 11/3

Here is this week's crossword! Answers will be posted Friday at noon in the Arts & Culture section! 


The Choral Chameleon Ensemble brings calm energy to campus

Choral Chameleon, a semi-professional New York City-based chorus, joined Bloom Holistic Healing, a wellness organization, for an immersive “washing” experience at Robison Concert Hall, Oct. 28.  As the audience took seats, healers walked around the room with various bowls and chimes, welcoming ...