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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Arts & Culture


Reel Critic: '1917'

Winning the Oscar for Best Cinematography, "1917" is a new take on the genre of war film, intensely personal.


These winter term classes will give you chills

This J-Term, visiting professors are teaching unique courses following themes of political advocacy, storytelling and social activism. These individuals teach from lived experience and employ diverse methods in the classroom.

At this storytelling event hosted by RAISINS (Radical Asians), students shared writing and stories on the theme of "circles."

InspirASIANal Voices

InspirASIANal Voices, a storytelling event arranged by the student organization RAISINS (Radical Asians), kicked off with the following question: “What is your first memory of a circle?” Club members distributed paper and markers to the audience members, who anonymously penned their answers. The ...


A Throwback for RIDDIM

RIDDIM World Dance Troupe's most recent show followed the group's tradition of featuring student-choreographed dances in diverse styles.


A plague of power dynamics: "One Flea Spare"

Directed by Professor Claudio Medeiros '90, this show traps several unique characters from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds together during the Great Plague of 1665. It leaves the audience with thoughts relevant to inequality in the world today.


The Librarian is in

If you’re interested in Fidel Castro’s Cuba of the 1960s, this graphic memoir is the work for you. It covers an era and a culture in which some communist believers willfully exiled themselves to the Caribbean isle to pursue this political ideology. The author is Anna Vetfort and her parents were ...


MiddKids of Instagram

Alongside official Middlebury accounts such as @MiddleburyCollege or @MiddAthletics, a niche of student-run accounts highlight Middlebury fashion, food and students.