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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Arts & Culture

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Americana: a Brit’s eye view

If you’ve tuned into the college’s radio station (WRMC), on a Monday at 3 p.m. this semester, you’ll have caught me chatting away about my favorite country, Americana and classic American rock music during “The Americana Hour.” You’ll have heard about the history of California country, the ...


Reel Critic: “The Fall Guy”

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt are ready to put their Barbenheimer rivalry behind them. In “The Fall Guy,” stuntman-turned-director David Leitch’s latest action-comedy extravaganza, the supporting stars of last summer’s two biggest hits join forces to trade in feminist satire and apocalyptic angst ...

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Reflections from an A&Senior

If you flip past news, past local and past opinions (a more time-consuming feat than ever this week), you’ll arrive at the ever-evolving Arts & Culture section (A&C). If news is the responsible eldest, local the well-adjusted middle child and opinions the loud, jaded teen , A&C is the ...

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Makes Ya Feel: The sopho-more the merrier

Gallery hoppers, Spotify stalkers, bookworms, Letterboxd users and anyone who enjoys art, this is the place for you. Makes Ya Feel highlights art across all of its mediums, small- and large-scale, that (you guessed it) makes ya feel! Check back often for recommendations, reviews and discussions.

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Theatre Department sticks the Orland-ing

In her 1929 essay, “A Room of One’s Own,” Virginia Woolf writes, “It is fatal to be a man or woman, pure and simple. One must be woman-manly, or man-womanly.” Indeed, Woolf’s genderbending reveries came alive this past weekend in Wright Theater. 

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Heath Quartet triumphs in unconventional program

The Heath Quartet has a longstanding relationship with Middlebury. The April 28 concert marked its tenth appearance with the Performing Arts Series. Previously, the British group was the series’ first ever quartet in residence, performed a full Bartok cycle and played a six-concert Beethoven cycle ...


WANAS showcase in solidarity with Palestine

The Middlebury West Asian and North African Students Association (WANAS) hosted a fundraising showcase dedicated to celebrating the voices of West Asian and North African voices on campus at Wilson Hall on Friday, April 26. 


Reel Critic: “I Saw the TV Glow”

“I Saw the TV Glow” is the second film from Jane Schoenbrun after their 2021 debut, “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair.” The new A24 film, which is slated for release on May 3, follows two teenagers named Maddy and Owen who bond over a midnight TV show called “The Pink Opaque.” After ...


Evolution Dance hosts its 10th birthday party

Evolution Dance Crew — better known as Evo — celebrated its 10th anniversary on April 20 with two sold out shows featuring 24 student-choreographed dances. The group’s first performance was sponsored by the Distinguished Men of Color at their Spring 2014 art showcase. Since then, the group has ...

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“Don’t Forget Me” is unforgettable

“Don’t Forget Me,” Maggie Rogers’ junior album finds the singer-songwriter moving in a clearer direction than ever, with songs that feel particularly apt for a graduating senior. Composed of just ten tracks, “Don’t Forget Me” is an intimate and introspective album that showcases Rogers’ ...