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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021

Arts & Culture


Happy 200th, Dostoyevsky!

This Veterans’ Day, Nov. 11, was Dostoyevsky’s 200th birthday. Although my favorite Russian author is Leo Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky is definitely the Russian whose fiendishly entertaining works are most relevant to our tumultuous times.


Reel Critic: “Passing”

Is race just something we are all performing? This question is explored, though not exactly answered, in the most recent film in the Hirschfield International Film Series, “Passing.” The film ruminates on colorism and identity politics through the story of Irene Redfield (Tessa Thompson) and Clare ...

No one is forgotten — Courtesy Kayla Schwartz.jpg

“No One Is Forgotten” revels in fragmented information

Leave the elaborate set and extensive casts to faculty shows. Theses, in contrast, are the simpler, single-celled protozoa at the root of the theatrical tree of life. “No One is Forgotten,” Gabi Martin's ’21.5 acting thesis and Madison Middleton’s ’22.5 500-level work in directing, revels ...

YouPower — Courtesy Sam Segal.jpeg

YouPower faces Vermont winter without prospect of indoor relocation

If you ever pass by the loading dock of the Freeman International Center (FIC) to catch an 8 a.m. morning class, you might notice a group of students riding stationary bikes. This group is YouPower, Middlebury’s free spin club. As the Vermont winter quickly approaches, the group is desperately looking ...


Matthew Whitaker illuminates Robinson Hall

From its roots in down-home New Orleans bands, Harlem swing and bebop, jazz is constantly evolving. It pays homage to its early icons and bases its musical substance on their characteristics, and yet it takes on new forms that react to the world beyond the practice room. The Middlebury College community ...

To Kill a Bookworm — Sabrina Templeton.png

To kill a bookworm: Winter is coming

It certainly feels like November on campus: there’s a chill in the air and the first snow in the mountains is already behind us. These four books all hail from a variety of genres but have a wintery feel, making them perfect for rainy afternoons or snowy nights. I’ve found that winter books often ...

WRMC Radio Roundup by Pia Contreras (2).jpg

Radio Roundup: An auditory feast

Harlem makes sloppy, grimey, stain-your-shirt punk music, but they do it on purpose. “Hippies” hits you right in the face with fast-paced, high-intensity licks and steady percussion, sketchily thrown together over angry vocals. The Austin-based three piece band hasn’t had much commercial success ...

Courtesy Photo — Petite Maman.jpg

Reel Critic: “Petite Maman”

“Petite Maman,” the latest movie in the Hirschfield International Film Series, uses a minimalist approach to tell a poignant story of family and friendship bound through loss and love.

WRMC Radio Roundup by Pia Contreras (1).jpg

Radio Roundup: Don’t break out your christmas playlists just yet

If you’re looking for an album to rip your heart out, this is it. I don’t think I will ever get sick of James Blake’s voice or his carefully composed instrumentals. In “Friends That Break Your Heart,” Blake abandons his usual fragmented and disrupted sound for something more linear, leaving ...

The Setonian

007 Double Feature: Craig’s Emotional Farewell to Bond

“No Time to Die” is a big movie — big in budget, big in story and big in spectacle. But for the 25th film in the 007 series, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and featuring the last of five turns as James Bond for star Daniel Craig, nothing plays a larger role than the beating heart at its center: ...

The Setonian

Conjuring Spirits in “The Dreaming”

Words may not be able to describe how I feel about Kate Bush, but I can still try. A breakout star in Britain at age 19, Bush made her name with thematically sprawling concept albums and interpretive dance.

The Setonian

Radio Roundup: Sonic delights for Halloweekend

My favorite album to listen to at Halloween has to be “Impeccable Blahs” by Say Hi. Not only is it perfectly melancholy to compliment the rainy autumn weather, but it is also almost entirely about vampires. Think “Juno” soundtrack meets “Twilight.”