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Thursday, Oct 6, 2022

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Limited parking availability poses challenge to students on campus

With 2,790 students enrolled at Middlebury this fall, some have found it harder to secure parking spots on campus. While some students claim that this was due to the Department of Public Safety issuing too many permits, Public Safety says that the issue comes down to illegal parking by some students ...


Captain’s Corner: Greg Livingston ’22.5, football

Welcome to the another installment of Captain’s Corner, where I sit down each week with a Captain of a Middlebury athletics team to talk Captain to Captain about the role, the team and their life at Middlebury. This week I got a chance to catch up with Greg Livingston ’22.5 and chat about the team's ...

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Scam alerts warn the college about phishing emails

The college has seen an increase in gift card scam emails that mostly target employees, according to  Chris Norris, Middlebury’s director of information security, risk and compliance, in his scam alert on Sept. 21. The alert was in response to 28 messages sent the same day from an ...

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Maple Run, Three Day Stampede return to Addison County

This past weekend, the Middlebury Maple Run was held for the first time since 2019. Among the most widely-participated athletic events in Addison County, according to its website, the Maple Run has become one of the most respected races in New England. While the event’s main attraction is the 13.1-mile ...


A plea to the basic logic of line structure

Let me begin by putting this in terms you may better understand: Baaah, bahh, bahh. This is directed toward the sheep that graze in Ross dining hall; the sheep that meekly fall into a single line the length of China’s Great Wall at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you’re saying to yourself ...