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Monday, May 16, 2022

Yardena Carmi

Arts & Culture

Spin Doctor: “Retribution”

The songs on “Retribution” flow seamlessly into one another, combining this ancient art form with avant-garde sonic experimentation. The album’s sound is also deeply rooted in collaboration, featuring contributions from many other Canadian and Indigenous performers. At its core is a call for awareness ...

Arts & Culture

Spin Doctor: Feeling fatigued

If one were looking for a word to sum up 2021 so far, “fatigue” would be a good candidate. It is also a fitting title for the second album from classically-trained polymath L’Rain, a New York City native and associate curator at the nonprofit arts center MoMA PS1 by day. A sonic collage of samples, ...

Arts & Culture

Spin Doctor: Basking in the “Doomin’ Sun”

Welcome to the first installment of Spin Doctor, a biweekly dose of music reviews and recommendations by Yardena Carmi ’23. Our current culture seems to be defined by an ever-increasing ability to hyperfixate and obsess. If there is an actor or athlete you like, their life story is immediately accessible ...

Arts & Culture

Painting a pandemic: studio art majors finish strong

The advanced studio seminar’s end-of-semester exhibition, which opens with limited capacity on May 19, features the work of six student artists across a wide range of mediums.  For nearly three months, students have been working in and outside the classroom on their exhibition pieces. Critiques ...

Arts & Culture

Recommendations from a winter interlude

For many Middlebury students, this past winter break was a strange interlude in a challenging year. It was a period that found me investing time and energy into concrete ways of lowering my stress levels, like learning breathing exercises or channeling nervous energy into knitting projects to keep my ...

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