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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

Jake Gaughan

Editor at Large

Jake Gaughan is an Editor at Large.

He previously served as an Opinion Editor and News Editor.


Logged off

Besides Panopto lectures and PolicyPath surveys, one of the most drastic changes to Middlebury College life in the pandemic has been the digitization of Middlebury’s social scene and community spaces. For students, many of these online spaces are familiar: the all-powerful meme page, topical Twitter ...


The College and the Institute

Nonproliferation, economic diplomacy and localization management are terms seldomly heard on the college’s Vermont campus.But 2,500 miles away on the coast of California, more than 600 graduate students and hundreds of faculty and staff research these very topics at the Middlebury Institute for International ...


Part 6: Looking Ahead

With the failure of the faculty motion, faculty and staff at both schools must learn how to better connect with their counterparts. Many are optimistic that the pandemic and its technological shifts will enable better collaboration and community.

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