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Sunday, Jan 16, 2022

Devin MacDonald

The Setonian

Your Semester Guide to Vermont

For those just arriving as well as those preparing to leave in a few months, the fall at Middlebury is the perfect time to explore all that Vermont has to offer. Since the beginning of 2013 alone, over 2.2 million cars have passed into the state, many of them tourists coming to experience the very things ...


Local Recording Studio Releases First Album

MIDDLEBURY — Caroline Rose, a Long Island native, has recently made her way to Burlington to produce and release her first major musical album, America Religious. A collaboration between Rose and her musical partner Jer Coons, a musician native to Middlebury, the album will be released on June 11, ...

The Setonian

Middlebury Residents Debate Language of Town Plan

The town of Middlebury has always been known for its small, homegrown feel. This atmosphere has been cultivated over the years by the many locally owned businesses that bring quality goods to Addison County. Until 2002, however, those looking for the convenience of bulk shopping had the option of Ames, ...


VTGas Plans to Construct Pipeline

Vermont Gas Systems (VTGas) and International Paper, a company whose mill sits on the banks of Lake Champlain, have come to an agreement this month and plans are being presented to legislators regarding the construction of a pipeline across the lake. The proposed pipeline will run from Addison County ...


Vermont Farmers Lead GMO Movement

Vermont is one of the leading states in organic agriculture and progressive movements; the people of this state are often trailblazers of nationwide trends. The movement of the moment is the labeling of genetically modified products (GMOs). Last year a bill was introduced to the Vermont House Committee ...

Arts & Culture

Students Reach for the Stars at Astronomy Symposium

The 23rd annual Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium, which took place this past weekend was a pivotal moment for the astronomical sciences community at the College. It signaled another fruitful year amongst Keck Consortium colleges for summer astronomy research, as well as the last year at the College ...

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