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Monday, Dec 11, 2023


The Setonian

Middlebury & the independent artist: An examination

Despite all its setbacks during the pandemic, Middlebury currently enjoys a lively and expansive artistic landscape, especially as it relates to the performing and visual arts — in part due to the diligence of its faculty, but more importantly, because of the student body’s perseverance and sustained ...

The Setonian

Notes from the Desk: New schedules mean new problems

The lunchtime rush was a notorious disaster during the dreaded post-12:15 rush.  Thankfully, this semester, the school has reorganized and staggered classes around lunch differently. However, as the first week of classes unfolds, this new scheduling appears to have added some other potential problems. ...

The Setonian

We are not used to tragedy

Since Feb. 6, I have been navigating two starkly different worlds: images of death and destruction from my friends in Turkey, and the blissful ignorance that defines life in the U.S. Chaos is ever-present, with news of dead bodies and desperate, shivering survivors constantly making headlines.

The Setonian

I’m broke. I shouldn’t be: The reality of delayed pay

Deep breath. I turn on my phone and go to open my least favorite app — Bank of America. Face ID scans my face, immediately confirming that the worry lines and bitten lip staring in anticipation at the white screen do in fact belong to me. The number appears, and I wince — $76.


Investing in social life

With few Covid-19 guidelines still in place, many parts of campus life are starting to return to pre-pandemic routines. Students are once again able to eat in the dining halls, attend most classes without masks and go out to parties or other gatherings on the weekends. 

The Setonian

On the Record: An introduction

This J-Term, I’m working my way through a few thousand Campus articles as part of an independent study, looking through old coverage to get a sense of what we’re doing well, where we have room to improve and how our paper has evolved over the past four years. So, I thought, now that I’m more steeped ...

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Let’s bring panthers back to Vermont

The Jan. 14 issue of The New York Times contains an interesting op-ed entitled: “Cougars Are Heading East. Welcome Them.” Its author, Mark Elbroch, describes the gradual return of big American cats (also known as cougars, mountain lions, pumas or panthers) to their former habitats east of the Mississippi ...

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What are the bricks in our walls?

“All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.” Sung by Pink Floyd, these are the words I hear while walking through the rear entrance of my first-year residential hall, Stewart. I’m welcomed by a can-liner box full of dirty dishes, trashed at the windowsill next to the door. Beneath this ...


As tuition rises, we need to rethink affordability

Each winter, the Board of Trustees meets to set the comprehensive fee for the upcoming year. If the Board votes to raise tuition again in their meeting next week, the Editorial Board calls for greater transparency and increased efforts to ensure affordability. 


Give yourself a break: Why I recommend going on a retreat

I have always wanted to go to a retreat. For a lot of reasons like desires to escape and heal, and for no reason — just because my heart said so. I also had many hesitations before going. My logical mind had criticized and evaluated the opportunity as unnecessary and even self-indulgent. However, ...


Finding joy in finals season

December is upon us, and with it the lovely and long-awaited Finals Season. The days are shorter; your once enjoyable afternoon class now feels like a time warp when you leave only to find it is pitch black outside. We now layer up to brave the long walks between classes, just to feel suffocated when ...