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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


The Setonian

We Appreciate Your Business

I write this anonymously because I don’t want it to negatively impact my boss or their business, so please think of this as a public service announcement, rather than an accusation. There have been recent changes in how local restaurants are approached to cater events for Middlebury College groups ...


Four years in retrospect: It doesn’t end with Commencement

For this week’s editorial, the graduating seniors of the Editorial Board reflected on how Middlebury has changed –– for better and worse –– since they enrolled in fall 2019. Our non-seniors offered their perspectives on how these changes have shaped their college experience thus far. Of course, ...


The importance of sustainable fashion at Middlebury

At Middlebury, once my friends found out I could sew, I became inundated with texts asking me to patch a pair of jeans or alter a top. Upcycling and repairing clothing is crucial to capitalizing on the longevity of clothing and avoiding the wasteful process of buying something new. There is an obvious ...


It’s time to rethink Middlebury’s Honor Code

Of the 1,112 students surveyed by this year’s Zeitgeist, two-thirds admitted to breaking the Honor Code, in which students affirm that they have not given nor received unauthorized aid on a given assignment. The vast majority of cases involve using aids such as Google Translate, Sparknotes or calculators ...


Why you should volunteer at Homeward Bound

That’s why when Noah Osher ’23.5 told me about Homeward Bound, Addison County’s humane society, I had my volunteer application submitted within 24 hours. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since starting my college career. 


Reimagining landscaping on campus

As spring arrives, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the emergence of bright buds on trees, the return of green grass and the chance to lay on the lawn basking in the sun. The sprawling quads in some ways feel synonymous with college life; a leftover design choice from a colonial archetype of universities ...


On understaffing across college departments

Most current Middlebury students are familiar with a college that is understaffed. In addition to some academic departments being low on faculty, Facilities Services, Custodial Services and Dining Services have battled persistent understaffing since 2020. 

The Setonian

Response to the Letter to the Editor

Last Thursday, we published what we expected to be one of our least controversial editorials of the semester: another opinion piece centered around work-life balance and managing the pressures of Middlebury’s busyness culture. We’ve opined on this topic before without inciting outrage — so we ...

Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 10.50.14 PM.png

What is up with all of the events about Israel?

Israel has been changing in character to become a more authoritarian regime. There has been a documented increase in settler violence, acts of terror, far-right ideology and, of course, democratic backsliding due to ongoing judicial “reforms.” To understand this trend, as many political scientists ...

The Setonian

On becoming a preachy, pick-me pescetarian

When people ask me why I’m pescetarian, I usually say something like, “I love animals, but it’s just a personal thing, really. I think everyone should eat meat if they want to.” I use those lines to end the conversation as quickly as possible so people don’t think I’m one of those meat-eater-shaming ...


Spring us from our academic cage

But with the change of seasons also comes a shift in student culture. Students usually find themselves in an environment where it seems like everyone is competing to be the most productive or have the busiest schedule. As the weather starts to warm up, it transforms into a competition to see who can ...