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Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Bella Burke

Opinions Editor

Bella Burke '23.5 (she/her) is an Opinions Editor. 

Bella studies Political Science with minors in Spanish and History. She has also served as Yoga Club President for the past four years. 



We love sloths. We know — it’s basic. It’s predictable. But we loved them way before they started appearing on mugs and socks (although we proudly own those, too). What sets us apart from these other self-proclaimed ‘sloth-luvrs’ is that our obsession runs deeper. Sloths have affected the ...

The Setonian

On becoming a preachy, pick-me pescetarian

When people ask me why I’m pescetarian, I usually say something like, “I love animals, but it’s just a personal thing, really. I think everyone should eat meat if they want to.” I use those lines to end the conversation as quickly as possible so people don’t think I’m one of those meat-eater-shaming ...

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