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Monday, Dec 11, 2023


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Spotlight on the Humanities at Middlebury

The Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences are the core pillars of a liberal arts education. And yet a well-documented crisis in the humanities, evident in declining majors and enrollments, has swept the country and indeed the globe since at least the financial crisis of 2008. 


“Make your own future”: Trusting students to lead

Middlebury students are often taught that the skills a Middlebury education fosters are ones that will prepare us to be leaders, to make our own informed decisions or to strike out on our own paths. The “Our Students” tab of the college’s website even touts that Middlebury is home to students ...


Why I’m Teaching Yoga as a White Person

When I found myself army-crawling my way through a tumultuous senior year of high school, I turned to yoga with the hope that it might offer me respite. In the sanctuary of those evenings I spent with YouTube videos and my mom’s hand-me-down mat, I could breathe and still my mind, leaving behind my ...

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Take a bite: A love letter to my body

Content warning: This article contains references to eating disorders.  It’s 8:30 on a Monday morning, and I’m having a staring contest with my breakfast.

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On the Record: Degrees of anonymity

One of the questions Campus editors often get is whether or not a source can be anonymous. But when it comes to anonymity in journalism, things can get pretty complicated.

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An ode to going to school with your older brother

“I’m definitely not going to Middlebury — that’s Joe’s school.” I made this bold claim over a year ago as I began applying to colleges. My brother and I have always been close, but I was so opposed to going to a tiny school with him that I didn’t want to look any further into Middlebury. ...


The case for compensating student organization leaders

The Middlebury College experience is marketed to prospective students as a place full of extracurricular possibilities and opportunities. We’ve all seen the brochures and heard the classic line about student organizations at Middlebury: If you don’t see a club that interests you, start one.

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Introducing Closet Magazine: Queering the Campus

What would it look like to create a centralized platform to engage in boundary-defying artwork, critical conversation and innovative content for the Middlebury community? Do we have a space that’s diverse and disruptive, a community that touches on the tension between tradition and (trans)formation?  ...

The Setonian

How to navigate college when you have baggage

The start of the semester is always an incredibly busy time in all realms of college life. In particular, I find the social scene to be especially hectic as I meet new people through classes and other activities. In this vein, the first few days of this semester were the busiest I’ve experienced so ...


Over-enrollment is still affecting our learning experience

Over the past few years, Middlebury community members have become accustomed to the impacts of having a larger-than-typical number of students enrolled at the college — a housing crunch, packed classes and stressful course registration processes. Historically, around 2,500 students have called Middlebury ...


Why we say "CFA"

In 2007, the CFA was dubbed the "Kevin P. Mahaney Center for the Arts" and was known as the CFA (Center for the Arts) for 12 years thereafter. In spring 2019, the administration put up posters, made stickers and asked faculty to enforce a name change from CFA to MAC (Mahaney Arts Center).