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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024


The Setonian

Sarah Says: What comes next?

There’s nothing quite like your final parents weekend to hammer home the fact that undergrad is coming to a close. As I toured my parents around campus one last time, I found myself thinking about the girl I was four years ago. I was a senior in high school the last time my future would feel secure.  ...


Loneliness and the built environment at Middlebury and beyond

I have recently been thinking a lot about alienation at Middlebury. All of you are aware that Ev, who was a friend of mine, died in Forest Hall, but some of you may not know that Yan, another student and beloved teammate of mine, died in the same building over two years ago. The eeriness of two deaths ...


Four Stars for Inn on the Green

Last spring during the housing draw, the class of 2025 nervously refreshed the housing portal to watch incoming seniors swiftly claim Forest doubles, Kelly suites, and Chateau rooms — options once called “junior housing” — right before their eyes. With only one Lang suite and eleven Chateau ...


“What is SPECS Panther, and Why is it Important?”

You may see one of the SPECS peer-educators walking around campus, sporting our luxurious navy blue merch and dragging a (slightly broken) cart teeming with goodie bags and sex “supplies,” and think: “Huh?” We get it, but what many of you may not know is that SPECS is more than orientation week’s ...


On benevolent mischief

Do you know how hard it is to prank someone who is expecting to be pranked?!  Let us set the stage: it was the week before April Fool’s Day, 2021. We were new baby Febs living in Forest and had been challenged by fellow baby Feb Annabelle to prank her for April Fools Day. We knew she was expecting ...


Looking backward and forward: reflections from senior fall

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in “The Great Gatsby” that “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” I read the novel as a high school junior and chose this excerpt as my senior yearbook quote. Looking back on it, it seems like an odd and slightly pretentious choice, especially ...


The club fair: It’s not just for first-years

The fall 2023 Student Involvement Fair was a success. The quad in front of McCullough Student Center buzzed last Wednesday afternoon with club leaders eager to recruit new members and first-years itching to find their extracurricular niches at Middlebury. Some clubs, including Middlebury Ski Patrol, ...



We love sloths. We know — it’s basic. It’s predictable. But we loved them way before they started appearing on mugs and socks (although we proudly own those, too). What sets us apart from these other self-proclaimed ‘sloth-luvrs’ is that our obsession runs deeper. Sloths have affected the ...


Resurrecting the Bird: Blackbird Literary and Visual Arts Journal

My name is Liv Cohen and I have one semester left at Middlebury College (I refuse to use the term super-senior Feb; I am sorry, it just makes me squirm, but that is beside the present point). The point is that I remember Middlebury in the fall of 2019 with all of the startling clarity of a terrified ...

The Setonian

In defense of the English major

Last Wednesday, Middlebury attempted to eliminate the creative nonfiction position from the English department. Thanks to the efforts of faculty, students and staff, the position will remain on a conditional basis, but the college’s actions reflect a concerning set of shifting priorities for an institution ...


After the flood

In the span of twelve years, I have seen two catastrophic flooding events in Vermont: Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 and the flooding of this past summer in 2023. Both floods were incredibly devastating, and much of the recovery efforts were made possible by the strength of local communities and the amazing ...


Monterey moments: Reflections from my Coasts and Climate Semester

When dawn broke over the Santa Lucia Mountains, I could hear the waves breaking against the cliffs of the Big Sur coastline as the stars began to fade away. As the sun started to bring pastels to the sky, bringing out the mountains’ contours, I sat up on my sleeping pad to be confronted by the vastness ...

Super Senior Photo courtesy of Noah Osher 23.5.jpg

Super Seniors are awesome

I am finally a Super Senior Feb at Middlebury. This term once felt distant — almost surreal. It hovered on the horizon, a bit like some sort of promised land. To be honest, when I first heard the phrase as a bright-eyed Baby Feb three and a half years ago, it sounded like something straight out of ...

midd driver.jpg

Navigating Middlebury traffic amidst a very soggy summer

My small hometown in upstate New York is one with a mighty sprawl through winding avenues of pines, up and over hills and alongside mountains. Neighborhoods, grocery stores and restaurants are awkward distances from one another without sidewalks in between. Needless to say, it's less-than-walkable.


Life After Graduating

When you were in first grade, you probably went on to second grade without much thought. And from second to third and all the way through elementary, middle and high school. What’s crazy about the first roughly 18 years of your life is that you go to school… and that’s all. Maybe you’re involved ...