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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023


The Setonian

In Defense of Inviting Dr. Peter Kreeft

I think that it is a sad reality that inviting a Catholic intellectual who believes all the teachings of the Church to Middlebury is scandalous, but such a state of affairs is not nearly as surprising to me as it once was. In my nearly three years on campus, I have seen multiple instances of intolerance ...

The Setonian

Why shame never works

As a trans student, I have always been constantly aware of transphobia on Middlebury’s campus. As is the case everywhere else, it’s impossible to avoid. Here, almost everyone keeps their transphobia close to their chest if they know it’s there, and far from their minds if they don’t — but ...


Let’s stop to mourn what could have been

This editorial is a reflection on the Zeitgeist 2021 survey results. You can read all of the results here.  As we near the end of our second Covid-era college semester, we should take a pause and allow ourselves to mourn what could have been. What could have been a student’s first year characterized ...


Why you can’t get an “A” in anti-racism

This past summer, the Movement for Black Lives inspired conversations on race and white supremacy to a larger extent that the United States has experienced in decades. Many individuals and institutions asked themselves seriously for the first time: what actions do we have to take to combat racism? Although ...


Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it

What do you think of when you hear the phrase BDSM? How about kink? Maybe you think about handcuffs, feathers, role-play and Fifty Shades of Grey-type sex. Or maybe you think of Rihanna’s song “S&M,” and maybe now I’ve gotten that song stuck in your head. But I’m here to tell you the BDSM ...


Roni Lezama ’22 for SGA president

The editorial board is proud to endorse Roni Lezama ’22 for SGA president. As the current vice president, former co-chair of Community Council and member of the Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, he has copious experience working alongside institutional bodies to advocate on ...


Accessibility isn’t optional, even when it’s inconvenient

Last July, the United States celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the civil rights law that sought to end disability-based discrimination and guarantee the right to accessibility in public spaces. Though the ADA was a monumental step forward towards disability ...


Vaccination should not come through exploitation

In the recent weeks, we’ve witnessed students scramble to sign up for Covid-19 vaccinations amid widespread confusion as to whether BIPOC students — and members of their households — are eligible to receive a vaccine. In the wake of this rush to get vaccinated, many BIPOC students were left feeling ...


The virus doesn’t care where you’re from

To Our Middlebury Community, The last few months have marked a potential turning point in the Covid-19 pandemic. The release of multiple vaccines and continued progress towards greater public vaccine access work to grant all of us a great deal of hope in making it through this difficult time, one in ...


Whatever re-floats your boat: Our take on the Suez Canal conundrum

The world has waited with bated breath, and today we break our silence. A little over a week ago, the infamous Ever Given container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal, blocking the channel as well as the 12% of global trade that flows through its waters.  Although she has recently been freed from ...


Sex Panther: Navigating Midd Tinder

We’ve all been there. Literally, all of us have been stuck quarantined in our rooms. It can get pretty boring. And lonely. So it is only natural to download Tinder, right? I mean, it’s a pandemic. If class is online, I guess my romantic life will be, too. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented ...

The Setonian

The search for closure as graduation looms

As graduation approaches, I find myself gripped by a painful nostalgia. It’s as if all of my regrets from the past four years have materialized in the form of an inescapable specter. Sitting in class, I suddenly see myself making a joke at someone’s expense. Eating lunch, I cringe recalling when ...

The Setonian

Out-of-state students should not be out of mind

Confusion, shock and anger rippled through the Middlebury community yesterday when Gov. Phil Scott announced that out-of-state college students in Vermont are ineligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The announcement was a surprise to many as it conflicted with information shared by the college, ...


Notes from the Desk: More than unwelcome in America

“We don’t have a place here.” I looked up — mid-bite into my noodles — at my mom, whose matter-of-fact tone surprised me. She paused. “I don’t feel safe here,” she continued, more wistfully. “And it frightens me when you’re away.” It broke my heart then. But this past week, ...


When it comes to grief, Middlebury is no bubble

Sabrina Templeton We hear time and time again that Middlebury is a “bubble.” It’s a liberal bubble, a student bubble, a cultural bubble. All of this talk pushes us into believing that we really are protected; that we live in a campus that can hold us in and push danger out.  A bubble implies ...