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Monday, May 16, 2022



With room freeze lifted, students try to move out of Bread Loaf

Sixty-five students began the semester living at Bread Loaf, but several have successfully moved out in recent weeks due to rooms opening up on campus or due to ADA accommodations.  The college is housing undergraduates at the Bread Loaf campus for the first time to accommodate more than 300 extra ...


The buzz on wasps

“How crazy would it be if a bee flew into your mouth while you were eating?” Charlie Reinkemeyer ’21.5 asked his friends over breakfast outside Proctor.  When Reinkemeyer stood up with a yelp and announced that he’d just been stung, his friends thought he was joking. But the wasp that had ...


Remembering Miguel Sanchez-Tortoledo ’23

Miguel Sanchez-Tortoledo seemed to know everybody. On campus, he couldn’t help stopping to greet nearly everyone he passed, which often made those walking with him late. His family and friends remember him as an overwhelmingly positive presence and magnetic personality whose ambition never got in ...