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Saturday, Jun 25, 2022


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Middlebury’s Main Street welcomes Sparrow Art Supply

On Friday, March 11, Sparrow Art Supply opened its doors for local Middlebury artists, students and other community members eager to explore the addition of a new shop on Main Street. The store is located at 52 Main Street, a few doors down from Buy Again Alley on the corner adjacent to the bridge over ...


Staff members’ favorite places in Middlebury

From the Trail Around Middlebury (TAM) to Haymaker Buns and the Marquis Theater, the town of Middlebury is buzzing with places to go, things to do and people to see. Amidst all of these options, many residents and college staff members have their special favorite locations. 


Anonymous posters in town baffle residents

Over the past several months, anonymous poster-sized images have appeared across the town of Middlebury. The arrival of these images has created some questions for town residents: are they artwork, or graffiti? Do they contain a secret message, or is their meaning meant for each interpreter to decide ...

The Setonian

Town institutions adjust to Omicron

Vermont Covid-19 cases have dramatically climbed as the Omicron wave of the pandemic has surged through both the state and the country. On Jan. 14, Vermont reported 2,137 new cases, more than an 11-fold increase from last January's peak of 205 cases. Though the town of Middlebury does not have ...

The Setonian

Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray announces bid for Congress

Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray, who assumed office in January, announced a run for Congress to succeed Peter Welch (D-Vt) last week. Welch, currently Vermont’s sole member in the House of Representatives, is running for the Senate in the 2022 elections, aiming to replace retiring incumbent ...


Middlebury businesses prepare for holiday shopping season

While it may seem like the holiday commercial season is just now coming into full force, many businesses in Middlebury have been preparing for this shopping rush for weeks or even months. After a challenging year for local businesses, Middlebury streets are now filled with eager shoppers looking for ...