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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

Arts & Culture

Mark Saltveit by Caleb Kenna.jpeg

With a pinch of Saltveit

“Good afternoon, the Davis Family Library will be closing at 5 p.m. today. Should you want to continue working, Crossroads Cafe is open 24/7, although I don’t know why you would want to continue working when it’s such a beautiful day outside,” his voice bellows across the library intercoms on ...

Makes Ya Feel graphic (1).jpeg

Makes Ya Feel: time to get crafty

Gallery hoppers, Spotify stalkers, bookworms, Letterboxd users and anyone who enjoys art, this is the place for you. Makes Ya Feel highlights art across all of its mediums, small- and large-scale, that (you guessed it) makes ya feel! Check back every other week for recommendations, reviews and discussions. ...


Reel Critic: “The Zone of Interest”

The Hirschfield International Film Series returned to Dana Auditorium on March 7, bringing an audience of Middlebury College students, faculty and community members an exclusive screening of one of 2023’s most celebrated films: “The Zone of Interest.” Written and directed by British filmmaker ...

Lesbian House.jpeg

From the Archives: “The Lesbian House”

Shuffling through the Davis Family Library atrium crowded with students on the way to study and tour groups taking in said students on the way to study, a black-and-white photograph caught my eye from a display case. The photo pictured a young Bee Ottinger lying in bed, her hair artfully outlining her ...

Small Island Big Song LIVE photo by Kimmi Cranes 02.jpeg

“Small Island Big Song” promotes climate awareness through music

The musical group “Small Island Big Song” celebrated the beauty of Pacific and Indian Ocean islands and their perspectives on the climate through music in Wilson Hall on Friday, March 8. The night began with a unique introduction to each artist; the dark stage was illuminated by the screen behind, ...


Middlebury Discount Comedy travels “Off Campus”

For the first time ever, student sketch comedy group Middlebury Discount Comedy (MDC) hosted a show off campus — appropriately titled “Off Campus” — at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater. On the evening of March 7, Middlebury students and town residents alike filed into the theater in anticipation ...

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 6.38.31 PM.png

2024 Oscars: hopes and predictions for three (major) awards

Two years ago, I wrote an article in the lead-up to the Oscars spotlighting three award categories that typically get outshined by the major awards in the press. Well, sadly, my days of sticking up for cinema’s little guys are over, as this article is squarely focused on the splashiest titles on the ...

Le Consort_JulianBenhamou_SpecchioVeneziano Cover  Photo-media size file.jpg

Le Consort in concert

Music lovers from the college and Middlebury community alike gathered on Thursday, Feb. 22 at the Mahaney Arts Center for an evening of Baroque chamber music brought to Middlebury by Le Consort, a quartet of talented French string musicians that formed in 2015.


Middlebury Art Museum unveils new spring exhibits

Staff, students and faculty recently gathered at a reception on Thursday, Feb. 22 to celebrate the opening of The Middlebury Museum of Art’s two new spring exhibitions: “David Plowden: Portraits of America” and “Derrick Adams: Sanctuary.” Both exhibitions will run until April 14, offering ...