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Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023

Arts & Culture


A semester in (book) review

“Nothing To See Here” by Kevin Wilson I began my semester off with a bizarre read. “Nothing to See Here” follows a nanny tasked with taking care of a U.S. senator’s two children. At first glance, the twins appear to be normal kids, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bessie and ...


Peaches and dreams: the Peach Pit Writing Collective

Amidst the buzzing energy of Nocturne, a calm, warm glow emanated from the Gifford Hall Gamphitheatre. Vibrant verses of poetry captivated nearby ears and drew a sizable crowd to first ever recitation from the newly formed Peach Pit Writing Collective.  Yardena Carmi ’23 and Emma Auer ’23 created ...

The Setonian

Finding humanity through dread in “Outer Wilds”

Dread is an emotion I rarely experience when consuming a piece of media. I get teary-eyed or feel a lump in my throat when watching an emotional scene in a movie. I get goosebumps when listening to that song that got me through days that would never end. I even get anxious reading through the climax ...


“Everybody” raises hell in Wright Memorial Theatre

Based on the 15th-century morality play “Everyman,” each character in the Middlebury Department of Theatre’s production of “Everybody,” a play by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, seeks to personify a worldly value. Presented live by a company of actors and dancers, “Everybody” was performed for ...


Dancing to the music of a different time

The Center for Disease Control’s announcement that masks and social distancing aren’t required anymore in most instances for fully vaccinated Americans has led me, strangely enough, to revisit a hidden gem of literary fiction: Anthony Powell’s 12-volume tragicomedy masterpiece, “A Dance to the ...


Coffee culture brews strong at Middlebury

Midd students are always busy. They participate in clubs and sports, grab meals with friends and spend hours in the library studying. So it makes sense that when there aren’t enough hours in the day to sleep, the caffeine boost that comes from chugging coffee is a quick fix for many. Dining hall coffee ...


Midd on wheels: Manoeuvering Middlebury’s campus

Middlebury’s campus is deceptively large, and a walk from Lang Hall to Mahaney can take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. If you live in Allen or Atwater, a trip to get a Covid-19 test is a major event that requires your best walking shoes. To shorten the commute from place to place on campus, students ...


The conspicuous consumption behind the MiddKid image

If you take a stroll around campus, you will likely see students sporting Lululemon leggings, Canada Goose coats or Apple watches. On their feet, you might see Blundstones, L.L. Bean boots, Birkenstocks, Tevas or Chacos. These are some of the most trendy and popular brand-name items that students wear, ...


Art at a Distance: The struggle for connection through virtual programming

For students studying remotely or taking a leave of absence, it has been challenging to find ways to engage with the arts scene at Middlebury. In addition to being away from campus, students are laden with additional burdens of navigating time zones, technical difficulties and lack of online promotion. Studying ...


Midd MAY-hem Drag Show celebrates queerness at Middlebury

To kick off Midd MAY-hem, a long weekend of festivities and celebrations, Middlebury Queers and Allies hosted a drag show. While it was originally planned to be on Battell Beach, the rain forced the show’s dancing and duck-walking to Wilson Hall. Not at all deterred by the change in plans, performers ...


Proc ’n’ Roll: Music jazzes up mealtimes at Proctor Dining Hall

Getting in line at Proctor Dining Hall promises something new every day: not only on the menu but also on the speakers. A Proctor morning might start with some gentle Taylor Swift, transition to throwback Elton John tunes by lunchtime and skip over several genres to arrive at rap by dinner — a practice ...


Reel Critic: “Promising Young Woman”

Thirty-year-old Cassie was a “promising young woman” until the inadequate response to her best friend’s rape caused her to drop out of medical school. Now, she lives a double life. By day she works at a cafe, and at night she goes to clubs pretending to be precariously drunk until a “nice guy” ...


TEDxMiddlebury brings its audience “back to baseline”

Inspired by the theme “Back to Baseline,” TEDxMiddlebury hosted a conference featuring six speakers from the campus community on Thursday, April 29.  Each speaker came with their own interpretation of what it means to pull back and reflect, especially during a pandemic. The conference was split ...


Radio Roundup: A Springtime Pastel Playlist

Have your Spotify playlists become stale? Is your weekly mix just not cutting it? Maybe it’s time to branch out and listen to something new. The Executive Board of WRMC, Middlebury College’s radio station, has selected a wonderfully wide range of albums, spanning time and genre, for your listening ...


Emma Cline’s “Daddy”: Taking control of controlling men

Author Emma Cline graduated from Middlebury in 2010 and received her MFA from Columbia University in 2013. Three years later, Penguin Random House published her first book, “The Girls,” with a striking $2 million advance in a three-book deal. The book follows teenage Evie in 1960s California, as ...