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Monday, Jun 24, 2024

Arts & Culture

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Niche Reads: Books for environmental studies majors

If you struggle to find time for fun reading, this is the spot for you. Niche Reads recommends novels that relate to academic (or other) interests so that you can explore a new book while still feeling productive. Check back each week for more cool books.

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Dancing somewhere at the end of the world

Would you dance through the night in the apocalypse? What would it be like to eat your last tomato? Why would you bring kids into a world without adequate food and water? Could the end of days bring out the worst in you? These are just some of the questions posed by Marisela Treviño Orta’s “Somewhere,” ...


Theo Bleckmann and the Westerlies deliver the music of modern protest

Last week, Theo Bleckmann and The Westerlies were in residence in the Department of Music. Middlebury students passing through the halls may have heard horn sounds in unison emanating through the backstage of Robison Hall, where the esteemed German singer and brass quartet were rehearsing for their ...

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4/13 Crossword

Here is this week's crossword! Solutions will be posted on Friday, Apr 14 at noon. Good luck!


The senior spring bucket list and the college on the hill

The creation of a senior spring bucket list is an equally exciting and daunting task facing the students who will graduate this May. Whether it comes in the form of a mental to-do list or a printed poster hanging on a suite wall, we are all looking for a way to say goodbye. 

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Crossword 4/6

Here is this week's crossword. Solutions will be posted on Friday, April 7 at noon. Good luck!

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Middlebury united with hope for Ukraine

A group of Middlebury Ukrainian students and members of the community presented the ReUnited for Ukraine, a continuation of the United For Ukraine beneficiary concert, featuring musical and multimedia performances at the Mahaney Arts Center on Saturday, March 31.

The Setonian


we hoot and holler at her as if we could possibly out-scream her and then she is a weeping puddle of blubber and i am a swallowed stone of guilt pulled back against the leather strap taut

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Embracing the awkward with Ishmael Houston-Jones

Dozens of students, staff, faculty and community members gathered in a circle in the Dance Theatre of the Mahaney Arts Center on Wednesday, March 9, stretching and waiting as light, upbeat music filled the room. Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Lida Winfield entered and introduced the event, the ...


And the Oscar goes to…

The Oscars took place last Sunday, March 12, crowning the mind-bending action sci-fi film “Everything Everywhere All At Once” this year’s Best Picture. The film’s astonishing seven wins were never guaranteed — it had faced relentless doubts about its awards chances since its debut last spring ...


Slipin Sips: Wine? In Vermont? Who would’ve thought!

“Slipin Sips” is a bi-weekly wine column written by Local Editor Sam Lipin (hence the title, “Slipin”). As an amateur sommelier, Sam exists deep in the world of wine, particularly natural wine, and this column seeks to share the joy he finds in fermented grapes with the rest of the world.   ...

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Songs and Arias: Showcasing vocal talent at the college

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I drag myself out of bed at 8 a.m. My eyes do not gracefully flutter open. Instead, I force them to lift what seems like pounds, until the pink decor that adorns my walls turns from sporadic blurs of color into the shapes of a carefully curated collection of photos, art and ...


From the Archives: Women’s history at Middlebury College

During this March — Women’s History Month — as the snow seems to bury any motivation to study for that mid-term exam looming ahead, The Campus invites its readers to reflect on the value of a college education through the women who fought to be here and learn among the men.


Oscars fashion 2023: Highlights of the not-so-red carpet

This Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented its 95th Academy Awards. At first glance, the Oscars are a platform to award the bests of the film industry. But the Oscars’ guise is weak. Despite many changes made by The Academy this year, including the addition of a “crisis ...

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Choral Chameleon returns to Robison Hall

The Choral Chameleon Ensemble blessed the Middlebury campus for the second time in the 103rd season of the Middlebury Performing Arts Series on March 3. Unlike Choral Chameleon’s previous visit, there were no blindfolds or spiritual wind chimes to welcome audience members prior to the performance. ...


American history through five guitars

Vintage Martin Flat-top. Jazz Archtop. National resonator. Flat-top with DeArmond sound-hole pickup. Solid-body Electric. These five pristine, glistening guitars stood still, entrancing the audience as the lights of the Robison Concert Hall in the Mahaney Arts Center slowly faded on March 3.