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Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Varsha Vijayakumar for SGA President

We are proud to endorse Varsha Vijayakumar for SGA President. We believe that Varsha’s past experience on SGA and her extracurricular involvements will enable her to run an effective government while remaining in touch with the student body. We were especially impressed with the way she created her platform: through conversations and collaboration with many students. We think this community-oriented strategy indicates how she would gather information and set priorities as president, pairing smaller, practical goals with big ideas and long-term proposals.

Varsha has shown that she has learned from her previous experience on SGA and from past presidents. We know she will act thoughtfully and respectfully with all students and administrators. We also trust her to hold herself and all SGA members accountable to the student body by remaining transparent. 

We would also like to recognize and commend John Gosselin for his committed work with SGA and Community Council. John shares Varsha’s thoughtfulness, and we believe that his dedication and attention to detail make him a strong candidate for many top cabinet positions. 

We appreciate all the enthusiasm for student government demonstrated by first-year students who care about campus issues. While there are many invested students, there are also races that are uncontested and at least one position that will be vacant for one semester next year. We challenge more students to get involved in elections so that our student government can have vibrant debate and healthy competition.