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Friday, Dec 8, 2023

Letter From The Editors

Each week, the Editorial Board of The Middlebury Campus publishes an editorial, a statement meant to reflect the “official position” of our student publication. As a board of over thirty students, we typically spend two days debating and discussing the nuances of a variety of topics. Our conversations are constructive and often challenge us to find common ground on divisive and highly contentious issues. While our board is representative of only a small sect of students here at Middlebury, we see immense value in the time we have to engage with one another.

This week, the Editorial Board decided to stand down and instead use this space to highlight the range of voices and opinions emerging following Dr. Charles Murray’s lecture and the student protests that ensued on March 2. We have received a flood of submissions, and  we encouraged members within our own board to write their own pieces and delve deeper into nuance.

In the pages of the Opinions Section, and in our coverage of the event, we strive to shed light and offer a range of perspectives on what occurred before, during and after Dr. Murray’s visit. We pledge to uphold the highest level of journalistic integrity and to practice responsible journalism while also fulfilling our role as a student newspaper representing the voices of all students.

This week, we chose only to print pieces recieved from members of the College community. Submissions were selected to print based on the diversity they brought to the greater conversation surrounding last week’s events. All other pieces can be accessed online via our website,


Ellie Reinhardt ’17


Christian Jambora ’17.5

Managing Editor

The Editorial Board of

The Middlebury Campus