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Monday, May 20, 2024


Arts & Culture

Chinese Feminist Fights Guerrilla Wars

In China, a country with the world’s second largest economy, women create 41 percent of the GDP. In 1990, Chinese women’s annual salary was about 80 percent of their male counterparts. Six years ago, the number became 60 percent. Simple statistics like this, regardless of the complex reasons behind ...

Arts & Culture

Students Bring First-Ever Guzheng Recital

As a college well-known for its international vision, Middlebury College does a fairly good job of bringing different aspects of diverse cultures to its members. But there is always more to be showcased, and the students never cease to surprise the community. The Chinese Society, along with the Chinese ...

Arts & Culture

U.S. History: From Portraits to Selfies

Imagine a museum exhibition that not only amazes, inspires and entertains you along every step, but also challenges you with questions and ideas posed by every meticulously selected work of art. The latest exhibit at our very own museum, American Faces: A Cultural History of Portraiture and Identity, ...

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