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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021

Owen Mason-Hill

Senior Arts & Culture Editor

Owen Mason-Hill ’22 is the Senior Arts & Culture Editor.

He previously served as a staff columnist, writing film reviews under  the Reel Critic column. Mason-Hill is studying for a Film and Media  Culture major, focusing his studies on film criticism and videographic  essays.

His coverage at The Campus focuses primarily on film criticism, and  has expanded to encompass criticism of other mediums including podcasts,  television, and music under his column “Direct Your Attention.”


Direct Your Attention: A more optimistic playlist

Maybe it’s the recent afternoon sunshine or number of days over 60 degrees in the past week, but dammit, I’m feeling optimistic. I’ve spent the last year listening to (and writing about) music that reflects the distant and often lonely existence that quarantine forced us into. Looking into my ...

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