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Monday, Jun 24, 2024

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Arts & Culture

The Librarian is in: '100 Times'

“100 Times” is a compilation of autobiographical vignettes in which the author tells of the many times she has been sexually harassed, assaulted and/or discriminated against from the time of her childhood and up until her mid-thirties. The author is a white, queer woman who is based in Brooklyn ...

At this storytelling event hosted by RAISINS (Radical Asians), students shared writing and stories on the theme of "circles."
Arts & Culture

InspirASIANal Voices

InspirASIANal Voices, a storytelling event arranged by the student organization RAISINS (Radical Asians), kicked off with the following question: “What is your first memory of a circle?” Club members distributed paper and markers to the audience members, who anonymously penned their answers. The ...

Arts & Culture

The Librarian is in

If you’re interested in Fidel Castro’s Cuba of the 1960s, this graphic memoir is the work for you. It covers an era and a culture in which some communist believers willfully exiled themselves to the Caribbean isle to pursue this political ideology. The author is Anna Vetfort and her parents were ...

The Setonian

Letter to the Editor

As a geology professor at Middlebury College, I am proud to be involved with the “Energy2028” initiative, which seeks to switch entirely to renewable energy and reduce overall energy consumption at the college by 25%. A major part of reaching 100% renewable energy is the 5 MW solar array being developed ...



Field hockey is headed to its 11th final four BY MIGUEL ESPINOSA Second-ranked field hockey triumphed in NCAA regionals after scoring wins against Babson College and Kean University in the first and second rounds, respectively.  The team will advance to the NCAA tournament’s Final Four where ...


Ask Tré

Dear Tre,  If you had the power to change one thing about Middlebury College campus culture today, what would it be and why? -Anonymous Dear Reader,  If I had the power to change one thing at Middlebury, it would be the sense of entitlement that many students have here. Many students here at Middlebury ...

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