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Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021

Olivia Mueller

Arts & Culture Editor

Olivia Mueller '24 is an Arts and Culture Editor.

Mueller intends to major in International Politics and Economics.  Outside of the Campus, she is involved in the college choir, an avid  trail runner and hiker, and a member of the Middlebury Mischords. Off  campus, she can often be found exploring local coffee shops.


Coffee culture brews strong at Middlebury

Midd students are always busy. They participate in clubs and sports, grab meals with friends and spend hours in the library studying. So it makes sense that when there aren’t enough hours in the day to sleep, the caffeine boost that comes from chugging coffee is a quick fix for many. Dining hall coffee ...


Daylight Zine sheds light on the power of art in a pandemic

Daylight, to Ariadne Will ’22, is a phenomenon that is both universal and, depending on a person’s perspective and location, ever-changing. When she decided to launch a recurring publication from her home of Sitka, Alaska during the pandemic, it was this philosophy that led her to name her project ...

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