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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

Hannah Sayre

Editorial Board Director

Hannah Sayre '24.5 (she/her) is the Editorial Board Director.

Hannah previously served as an Opinions Editor. She is studying economics with a minor in mathematics. At Middlebury, she likes to run, play tennis, and ski. She is from Eugene, Oregon.


A call to proctor exams

In one of my in-person midterm exams this term, I observed cheating on an egregious level. With phones in their laps, four students copied down answers from their screens. They showed their exams to one another and copied down answers from each other’s papers. They whispered loudly to one another, ...


Could a student-run bar be coming to campus?

The student bar initiative is still in its preliminary phase, and Silverman and Chu have yet to formally present their proposal to administrators. According to Silverman, the preliminary phase includes, among other things, securing a location for the bar and coordinating with campus and state partners, ...

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