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Friday, Dec 1, 2023

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Student death is now part of the routine at Middlebury

Ivan Valerio ’26 passed away last Tuesday. Evelyn Mae Sorensen ’25 passed away in mid-September. Yan Zhou ’23 passed away of apparent suicide on Oct. 20, 2021.  After three deaths in two years, student death on campus is beginning to feel like a normal part of life at Middlebury.  While ...

The Setonian

Board of Trustees meets to discuss Middlebury’s future

The Board of Trustees Middlebury wasted no time during their brief visit to campus at the end of October. Between Oct. 26 and Oct. 28, the Board covered a wide range of topics, including “For Every Future:” The Campaign for Middlebury, artificial intelligence, the Middlebury Institute for International ...

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An unexpected defense of the Middlebury P.E. credits

As I hustled along South Street, dripping with September sweat after underestimating both the heat and the distance to Middlebury’s Ralph Myhre Golf Course, I regretted enrolling for Beginning Golf this fall. Although exacerbated by the blazing sun that day, this has largely been my long-standing ...

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Bom apetite! Dolci goes to Brazil

Following a successful semester debut in October, Middlebury’s student-run fine dining club, Dolci, made a captivating return to Atwater Dining Hall on Friday, Nov. 10 for its second dinner of the semester.


Let’s talk font

The other day I was sitting next to a classmate. Together, we were reading their typed document when I couldn’t help but notice their preposterous font choice: Calibri. When I pointed this out, they sang its praises, describing how much they loved the sans-serif font with its minimalist nature and ...

The Setonian

Middlebury Muslim Students Association hosts vigil for Palestinian lives

The Middlebury Chapel served as host to over 100 students, faculty and staff for the “Vigil for Palestine,” the evening of Nov. 9. The vigil, planned by the Middlebury Muslim Students Association (MSA) featured a variety of speakers who mourned the loss of life in Gaza and reflected on how the Middlebury ...

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We need thoughtful views, cautiously stated

Middlebury seems to be an institution that values justice. We certainly talk about it constantly, so if one can infer importance from repetition, we do value it. Climate Justice, Reproductive Justice, Housing Justice, Environmental Justice. But to be able to have productive discussions about those topics, ...