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Monday, May 20, 2024


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Meet the 2023–24 SGA candidates

This coming Monday, April 24 is the Student Government Association (SGA) presidential election. Next year’s SGA senators and president will work with the administration and advocate for the needs of the student body as well as allocate student activity funding and make appointments to student, faculty ...


Davis library left understaffed with four librarians departing

Four of Davis Family Library’s librarians have left their jobs in the past four months, leaving the following vacancies in the User Experience Librarian, Science and Data Librarian, Head of Collection Development and Head of Research and Instruction positions. A new User Experience Librarian will ...

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College implements new programs to balance enrollment next year

Middlebury plans to continue housing students in the Inn on the Green next year for the third fall semester in a row, due to an unusually small graduating class and uneven number of students studying abroad. The college has offered a $2,000 travel reimbursement for anyone willing to switch their spring ...

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Faculty approve the creation of statistics major

The Mathematics Department, soon to be called the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, will now be home to a new statistics major. On Friday, April 7, Middlebury faculty voted to approve the new major with a vote of 68 to 26. The faculty discussed the proposal for over an hour before the vote.  ...


Innovation Hub receives a $5 million donation from Kelson Foundation

Middlebury recently announced that the Innovation Hub will be receiving a $5 million gift from the Kelson Foundation in order to support creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship on campus. The goal of the donation is to provide all students with the opportunity to take creative risks and share their ...


Why a lower-level fitness center door is now an emergency exit

Early this semester, an emergency exit alarm was armed on the downstairs door of the fitness center in the Peterson Athletics Complex. Some gym-goers, accustomed to using the door to exit the fitness center, inadvertently set off the alarm by pushing the door. The door is locked from the outside and ...


A student-run restaurant brings tacos to campus

The mural-covered walls of the Gamut Room have been the setting for many a musical performance, student-band concert or Wednesday Open Mic Party (WOMP) set. But now, the space is home to a new venture: a late-night taco business.

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Middlebury Economics Department to welcome three new professors next year

The Economics Department hired three Assistant Professors this winter, who will begin teaching in 2024. The new department members include Zara Contractor, a Ph.D candidate at Yale University; Alice Gindin, a Ph.D candidate at the University of Pennsylvania; and Germán Reyes, a Ph.D candidate at Cornell ...