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Monday, Jun 5, 2023


The Setonian

Boy scouts hurl pumpkins, fundraise

On Sunday, Nov. 8, Boy Scouts and their families gathered around a trebuchet at Weybridge Gardens to hurl leftover pumpkins from Halloween and the harvest several hundred feet. Middlebury Boy Scouts from Troop 536 held the event to raise money, reuse the trebuchet they built last spring and have fun ...

The Setonian

Vermont Ukulele Society spreads joy in lessons, concerts, tunes

Long before Sophie Madeleine and her sweet ukulele serenades gained massive popularity on YouTube, Lil’ Rev brought his own brand of four-stringed storytelling to the nation. The Vermont Ukulele Society hosted the award winning multi-instrumentalist in Carol’s Hungry Mind Café on Nov. 8. Although ...

The Setonian

The Interface

Due to some unfortunate circumstances (and my imperfect time management), I was unable to conduct any interviews for today’s article. However, I would like to share an experience of my own that is relevant to the purpose of this column — that is, to encourage interconnections between different types ...

The Setonian


Professors are funny people. I don’t mean funny as in odd: I mean humorous. In fact, I find myself laughing out loud in class several times a week. This happens even in the midst of the most serious discussions: I started guffawing rather boisterously today while the professor lectured about methyl ...

The Setonian

Quaker community fits Vermont culture

For Quakers of the Middlebury area, Sunday morning began with a song. Launching into the last verse, they sang, “’Tis the gift to have friends and a true friend to be, ’tis the gift to think of others, not only think of me.” Written in 1848, the lyrics to “Simple Gifts” have not lost significance ...