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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Middlebury 101: Your crash course from The Campus

For new students, the first few weeks at Middlebury can feel like a crash course in knowing everything you can about life here — and playing off the things you don’t. We remember what it’s like to show up for class in Twilight when you’re supposed to be in Axinn, so let us help you avoid that mistake (and quite a few others). 

  • Google Maps can take you to specific buildings on campus. Apple Maps can’t.

  • Wilson Cafe is in Davis Library. Wilson Hall is in the McCullough Student Center. 

  • The shorthand AXT is not Axinn Center – it’s Twilight Hall, the brick building by town. (Axinn is AXN.)

  • The second floor of Hepburn holds both a room of study carrels (called “Hep carrels”) and a theater (called “Hep Zoo”).

  • There’s also a performance space on the bottom floor of Gifford called the Gamut Room.

  • There are bathtubs in Battell. (We do not endorse their use.)

  • Students have free subscriptions to The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal (but not the crosswords). 

  • There’s free sushi for lunch in The Grille on Thursdays.

  • You can print posters in BiHall and Davis Library.

  • Yogurt City, the frozen yogurt store in town, sells boba and dumplings. 

  • To see the dining hall menus, go to go/menu, go/lies, go/noms or go/food.

  • Carillonneur George Matthews, the man who plays the bells from Mead Chapel, gives free bells lessons to any student with piano experience.

  • The Ceramics House holds open wheel hours for anyone who wants to throw pottery.

  • You can take free student-run yoga and spin classes on campus. 

  • If you submit recipes to the dining hall through the “Recipes From Home” form, the dining hall chefs will add them to a future menu. 

  • If you leave your bike unlocked, it may be taken for a joyride on Friday and Saturday nights, or disappear permanently. 

  • Students have free access to the full Adobe Suite. 

  • There are printers at Midd Express and in LaForce (a dorm in Ross). 

  • You can write for The Campus anytime you want (and we hope you do)!

The Middlebury vernacular is an important part of feeling at home here — or at least understanding what anyone is talking about. Here are a few terms that may be confusing (or, at least, that perplexed The Campus’ editors when new students). 

  • AC = the Athletics Complex

  • AFC = The Anderson Freeman Resource Center, a center dedicated to supporting students of color and first-generation students

  • Pub safe = Public Safety 

  • Go/… = Go links, or web shortcuts, allow you easy access to common websites when you’re connected to Midd’s wifi. Popular links include go/lies (for daily dining menus) and go/directory (to find where anyone lives on campus). If you’re using Safari, add an extra slash at the end

  • BevCo = Middlebury Discount Beverage, students’ go-to beer source

  • Tindia = Taste of India, Middlebury’s Indian restaurant

  • Sabai = Sabai Sabai, Middlebury’s Thai food and sushi restaurant

  • The Bowl = The Snow Bowl, Middlebury’s ski mountain 

  • BiHall = McCardell Bicentennial Hall

  • Proc = Proctor

  • Battell Beach = The field between Battell and Ross

  • Kenyon = Kenyon Ice Arena, the hockey rink in the AC

  • KDR = the old Kappa Delta Rho house that houses juniors and seniors 

  • Tav = Tavern, one of Middlebury’s five residential social houses

  • The Ross Challenge = spending your entire J-Term in the Ross Complex, including eating, sleeping and learning, without stepping foot outside. (At least, it was a “challenge” before the pandemic.) 

  • NESCAC = New England Small Colleges Athletic Conference, including Middlebury, Amherst, Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Connecticut College (or “Conn College”), Hamilton, Tufts, Trinity, Wesleyan and Williams

  • Two Bros = Two Brothers Tavern, a restaurant in town often attended for first dates or parent visits

  • Ups = Mr. Up’s, a 50-year-old restaurant and bar by the river in town

  • BBM = Big Beer Monday, a night for low-priced beer hosted by Mr. Ups and attended heavily by seniors

  • Parton = Parton Health Center, the campus’ in-person medical building

  • Porter = Porter Medical Center, the nearest off-campus hospital 

  • WRMC = Middlebury College’s student-run radio station, 91.1 FM

  • The Marquis = the small movie theater in town (that serves Mexican food)

  • Rosie’s = Rosie’s Restaurant, the longstanding breakfast spot on Route 7

  • Midd Bagel = Middlebury Bagel and Deli, students’ go-to bagel source

  • GrillMe = The Grille delivery service for late-night food