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Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024

Midd Missed Connections is the new Proc Crush

“what if we kissed on battel beach?” reads the bio of Middlebury Missed Connections (@middmissedconnections), the fun and light-hearted platform for students to publicly — and anonymously — reveal their secret crushes. Making its debut shortly after the traumatic evacuation from campus and forced transition to remote learning, the page has posted 267 submissions and garnered over 1,200 followers since its debut last July. 

At a time when many aspects of campus culture have been impacted by Covid-19, Middlebury Missed Connections serves as a digital version of one of the college’s most timeless traditions: the Proc Crush list.

While not as eye-catching as an assortment of large posters pinned to the wall in Proctor, the account allows users to anonymously confess their secret crush, try a cheesy pick-up line or simply express their affection for a special someone. Set against bright pastel shades of pink and red, artfully crafted submissions are paired with equally witty captions written by the page managers. 

Submitters remain anonymous and the name of the admired person is concealed to varying degrees, creating an aura of mystery. Some submissions include references to specific moments or locations, while others mention specific classes, sports teams or student organizations.

Other submissions express a longing for in-person connection as virtual lectures and meetings have become commonplace. One person found themselves love-struck by a pair of “stormy” eyes visible through a small box in a Zoom window.

“Distracted during my economics zoom, I still long to see your face in a real room. Lost in your stormy eyes, Will this be my demise? Join me in micro where a romance can bloom.”

Some posts reminisce about missed connections at parties in Tavern and Atwater. But with large gatherings mostly non-existent this year, several posts instead tell stories of fleeting attraction in Proctor dining hall, known for its perennial warmth, intimate atmosphere and early opening times for dinner. 

Proctor is mentioned in more posts than any other dining hall. The submission form also keeps up the friendly rivalry between dining halls: it allows users to rank on-campus dining halls based on how acceptable they are as a first date location.  

Per their Q&A, the moderators’ favorite dining hall is Mead Chapel. But if you’re hoping to become the subject of a missed connection, then going to Proctor is a safe bet. 

Editor’s Note: Emmanuel Tamrat is a member of the class of 2022 and the Senior Online Editor of The Campus.

Emmanuel Tamrat

Emmanuel Tamrat '22 is Digital Director.

He began working for The Campus as a photographer and online editor  in the fall of 2018, and previously served as senior online editor.

An Environmental Policy major, Tamrat hails from London, GB but calls  Alexandria, VA home. At Middlebury, he is involved in Rethinking  Economics and works as a Democracy Intiatives Intern with the CCE.